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The board is perfectly fine. No board is good and no board is bad except in relation to the team you have chosen.

If you choose a well balanced rainbow team, no board is ever bad. If you stack heavily, some boards will be bad and some good.

I hardly understand a word of that, except that you feel like the boards punished you wth their colours. A better way of thinking of it, perhaps, is that you punished yourself by your team choice.


@FYatok here are the screenshots. As you can see, I used a monochrome team in all three fights. I did that for two reasons. First, I really enjoy the challenge of raiding with a mono team and trying to manipulate an unfavorable board through tile play. And second, that maximizes the impact of the board on the outcome. With a mono team, only 20% of the tiles do damage. They do a craptonne more damage than they would with rainbow, but if those colors don’t drop, it’s a lot harder to pull out a win. It’s a high risk, high reward strategy.

Here’s the screenshots. I’ll include the starting boards again for reference, to save you some scrolling.

#1. Mono purple. Slightly above average number and distribution of purple tiles.

#2. Mono yellow. Average number and distribution of yellow tiles.

#3. The one you’re sure I lost. Mono green. Slightly below average number and distribution of green tiles, but not at all what I would call a terrible board.

As you can see, I was able to manipulate the board to pull out a win on all of these. Here is a screenshot from my watchtower to demonstrate that I didn’t need to rematch any of them.

Need I go on, or are you willing to concede that perhaps someone who has played for over 2 years might understand the game a little bit better than you, swallow your pride, and learn?


If you look again at the teams I chose for these raids, you will see they all have several similarities. This is what I mean by having a team with good synergy and complementary special skills.

  1. All teams have a healer, and that healer is on the far left. The reason for putting my healer on the left is I prefer to fire my specials from left to right. If I fire the healer first in the purple team, he cleanses any attack debuffs. Ariel does the same in my blue team, and Zim-kitty in my red team. In my yellow team, since Viv isn’t leveled yet, Delilah is my healer. I want her meat shields up before I consider hitting any possible counterattackers, like Ursena. In my green team, I want to fire Mom first so any heroes she raises can benefit from other buffs and still attack that turn.

  2. In the second position, left flank, I try to put a defense debuff. In purple, Kunchen did that already, so I add the elemental debuff with Panther. I don’t have a yellow defense debuff, so I add an extra sniper in that spot. Evelyn fills that role in my green team.

  3. The remaining three spots are a combination of snipers and attack 3 hitters. For raid attack, most AoE hitters are too slow for my playstyle.

  4. You’ll notice I also try to include a dispeller in all of my teams. I don’t have one in yellow, so I make up for it with a combination of blind and mana control.


Why did you stack red against a purple tank? The green hero on that defense is not even the biggest threat.




“No, you’re not right. Anyone can win against a much better opponent by colour stacking if they get a lucky board - that’s a great feature of colour stacking as a tactic, especially as it allows weaker players sometimes to overcome strong defences.”

Are you joking? I told, you CAN win again everybody having a lucky table.
You wrote “no you are not right” AND tell anyone can win with a good table.

Ha ha ha.

@Brobb, you told first, tactic is overall and called me permanent nonsense. The whole discussion (between us) started I told, trophies and tactic are secondary.

The circle closed. By by!
Trophies for raid selection are nonsense.

At least, just imagine the situation.

You are a bad gamer, having a +4000 troop. You loose permanent fights having opponents on your trophies level.
Falling back you’ll face gamers with lower trophies a weeker but teams.
You fight them easily, giving dozens of gamers that “raid frustration” you can read about here in the forum, on Facebook and chats.
Then you step back, where you loose all your trophies being a bad gamer.

This is all your test shows - That a lucky board can allow an attacker to beat a better team. I don’t think anyone would dispute this. Things it doesn’t prove:

That the luck of a board is more important than the team over the long haul

That a attacker with a bad initial board can’t win against a defender, even a higher powered defender

That tactics doesn’t play a larger role in winning that the board does

which is more important, team, tactics or boards

If you have any doubts why it doesn’t prove any of the above, just ask. Because it doesn’t.


You are a funny guy.
As you win ALL the games with a lucky board, the statement “That the luck of a board is more important than the team over the long haul” have had proved himself.

No, because you would have to calculate the rate of the “lucky boards” vs “other boards”. You can’t reach any conclusion until you understand that. An example…if a luck board happens 1 out of every 10K matched, then clearly it has little overall effect.

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This is becoming quite entertaining :popcorn:

Edit: Argh! Out of likes again!


You did say this, and you’re wrong. Please allow me to quote my reply again - perhaps if you reread it you might understand:

Note that we talking exclusively about colour stacking here, because it’s only with colour stacking that lucky boards will necessarily lead to victory, and unlucky boards will likely lead to defeat. You seem genuinely not to understand that choosing to colour stack is causing the problems of which you complain. I really don’t know what you fail to grasp.

I understand that English may not be your first language. I’m sure you are considerably better with it than I would be in your native tongue. I’m sorry, though - I can’t make any sense whatsoever of that paragraph. Maybe simplify?

Yes! This is exactly how the system works, and exactly how it should work. This is how Elo-type rating systems work in chess and tennis, and how cups work in E&P. You fight your way to your equilibrium level.

(The complication in E&P is the massive attacker’s advantage that ensures players lose cups when offline then face easy opponents when they come back to the game. That’s what feeds everyone easy wins and that’s what ensures that a rainbow team is the best way to fill raid chests.)

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I may have to experiment with rainbow for raiding again.

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One slight correction here. You win cups on offense and lose cups on defense, unless you are a REALLY bad player, in which case how did you get that high in cups anyway?

The “raid frustration” has two sources:

1, Players who object to the fact they keep losing cups on defense
2. Players who can’t beat their opponents on offense

Those in #2 are simply at too high a level and facing opponents too strong for their play skills. To do better, improve the play skills (note this includes maxing heroes). Especially, learn how to manipulate the board to your advantage. What can look like a bad starting board often isn’t at all.


I always say for their team and skill…especially when you have a limited roster team makes a huge difference in how effective you can be.

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Yes – I can remember back to when my roster was quite limited and I detested raiding. Took me many tries to finish some S1 provinces. I didn’t give it a try again until after being involved in AW for a while. The two do compliment each other for developing skills.


@NPKY The first game you won.

I love betting.

This I wrote days ago, the engine did not allow me to post, “beginner wait 24 hour” — ha ha ha.

@NPNKY As I wrote, I was stopped posting by the engine.
In the meantime I talked to my father who pointed, I’m talking to a wrong person.
Even I hit some of your win in advance, the bet is generally “wrong” as you have high developed, talented 5* heroes I guess 1% of the players have!
Your description about “how to win by selecting and tactic” fails immediately at gamers having not enough heroes! I even have two 5* heroes on a very long way to be developed.
Me and hundred thousand of gamers are playing with the poorest resources.
I think you completely missed the ages when you started to play.
Your advices are great, not great greatest, you but are like Marie Antoinette heard “The peasants have no bred!” may had been answered, “Then let them eat brioche!”.

We — peasants — have no bread while you are esting cake on your high E&P throne. :joy::joy::joy:
This is a joke.
I just repeat myself.
Hundreds of players are claiming the E&P raid system, here, in Facebook groups and Messenger chat. They must all have been foul, me inclusive.
You are a kind person with good feelings, I’m just sure, you lost your connection to the people.

I mean, I told everything I wanted and I read your comments with happiness and I know where I want to be later. Thank you.

PS: We made a great raid watching each others with my father. Funny, both achieved an approx. 80% hit rate when we tried to estimate for the first sight if me or he’ll lose the game. Both we finished the PoV 300 won raid, maybe this is to be believe.
He started to play ≈90 days ago, me approx. a month. We are very far from you.
Thanks again for your words, BB.

@FYatok I linked this in one of my tutorial posts, but I don’t remember if it was this one or another one. These tips may be helpful for you. I do remember what it was like to be just starting out, with a handful of 3* and not much else. These tips helped me then. Hopefully they can help you too.


Great! I’ll take the time to read all of these.

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It’s a lot, but it’s well worth it. One other question…are you in a good, supportive alliance with people who can help you learn more about the nuances of the game? If not, you might consider looking for a training alliance

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