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So, I am one of those who claim the raiding system is beyond unfair, I also had made a thread about it but a moderator(?) of this forum decided to lock the thread and sent me to “contribute” to a thread that is speaking good of the raiding system (basically either say something nice about our game or stfu. “Democratic” as I expected from a company that runs a game this way, but let’s not dwell too much on that). As for people claiming the raiding system not only is fair but also advantages you, this is by far the biggest BS I’ve ever heard about the game. This game is ANYTHING but fair and the raids are the most rotten and unfair part of it.
If the game decides that you have to lose:
-If you colour stack against the tank, tiles of the color you chose will hardly ever come out and the corresponding heroes will barely be able to perform their finals once before beign killed (if you’re lucky).

  • If you try to play on the side to avoid feeding mana to enemy heroes, the board will often activate series of combos that will end up hitting enemy heroes anyway (often with tiles they’re resistant against or tiles of a colour you haven’t deployed) so the enemy heroes won’t be greatly damaged (or won’t be damaged at all) but they’ll fill up their mana and strike you down with their finals (often hitting EXACTLY the heroes of yours that have their own finals ready and oneshotting them even when they’re not supposed to). On the other hand, when you actually need to activate a series of combos it never/ralery happens.
  • Like I just mentioned, enemy heroes will ALWAYS hit the heroes of yours that are ready to perform their special attacks.
    -If you have a hero that has the ability to revive teammates, that will hardly ever happen, while the enemy hero will revive their teammates almost every time, often reviving multiple heroes at times.
    -Your heroes special abilities (escaping death, dodging, resisting negative status etc) even when completely maxed out will hardly ever/never activate. Enemy heroes’ abilities, on the other hand, activate almost every time.
    -Taking debuffers, cleansers, healers etc to try to build up a strategy will only help you prolong your agony. If the game system wants you to lose, you lose. Period.
    Another infuriating thing is having only three chances to avenge an attack. Considering how unfair the raiding system is, it would be nice to have the chance to attempt a revenge every time you want. Other games offer this opportunity, so I’m not really asking for the moon and stars here. Having only a very limited amount of attempts to revenge an attack, seeing them stolen away from you by a damn AI that throws everything it can against you and then never having the chance to avenge yourself again against that player is so infuriating that it consumes me from the inside, and hearing someone trying to make me believe that this game actually advantages the player during raids is more infuriating than I can even explain. The raiding system IS unfair, and NOT in favor of the players. Just admit it and stop trying to treat us like fools.

Elradir has a rebuttal for you


First the thing I can agree. Don’t understand really why we can only retry 2 times. I mean if I try it 10 times and succeed with the last try I don’t gain anything more than if I succeed on the first try, I probably loose more cups because of the losses.

About the board I don’t know what to say, yes sometimes it’s ■■■■, sometimes it’s great most of the time it’s somewhere in the middle. I think it’s fair, but if someone has a lot of bad luck I can understand why they hate the boards…

About class abilities and revive. Puh, yes sometimes I also have the feeling, that some things work better on defense. But it doesn’t bother me enough that I actually started tracking it. And unlike the board where I know that some data was collected and the randomness was shown I have no idea if something like that was done here. So before I have seen at least some data one way or the other I don’t really have an opinion about that.

Here I have to disagree.
At least for me, offense works far better than defense.
I win probably 80% of my raids, regardless where I am with cups, but normally raiding in the 2600+ range. Defense win maybe 50% of the fights, the higher I get, the worse this ratio becomes.

I counted the results in my tower, I know not that many battles but it confirms my feelings.

Defense has a win/loss ratio from 11/14 so more losses than wins.
Ofense has 18/6 that’s 75% win ratio.
And that doesn’t count that 3 of the losses were with only 3 heroes and TP around 2500 against full teams with 4500 TP.
With real teams that would look even clearer.

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All I can see here is a shopper that most likely wasted an awful amount of money to pile up enough diamonds to keep summoning heroes over and over and get multiple heroes of the month. Not impressed and my opinioni hasn’t changed.

Well, after 4 months of playing, I can tell that the initial board of tiles is rarely random. It’s inversely proportional to the number of color players of your team. My team has no blue and green players and the most times the board is plagued with these colors (about 70%-30%). I don’t want 70% to my colors, I want true randomness. Tetris, Columns … these games uses true randomness.

I have read many posts regarding this, everyone has their opinion, and this is mine.

I may disagree with your assessment or not, however I note that your name is in violation of Forum Rules and will be changed until it is fixed. Thank you for understanding.


Ok… The commentary was too cute not to notice annnnnd why so greedy??? I didn’t even get 1 of him grrrr. :laughing: Seriously though watching that made me smile ty.
To the OP …As for raids not being fair… Rngeeesus is a pain. Just keep trying and change your team maybe ??? Boards can be cruel that’s how it goes just keep at it. :wink:

So long as you don’t break Forum Rules, you’ll be able to express away. :+1:


Your post was locked because you created a topic when there is already one for you to contribute to (as you did here).

I’ve found this game to be incredible fair and random. Often the enemy hits the heroes that I don’t need leaving me the ones I want. That certainly doesn’t always happen, but I doubt it always happens to you too.

I use Mother North on most of my raids. She revives plenty. It’s nice.

Perhaps the game wants me to win and wants you to lose. I don’t see it that way, but best of luck in your ventures.

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Hey blank, you seem to be awfully frustrated, perhaps do some friendly raids and share them in your team… Maybe u will find the fun again hon. You shouldn’t be getting this pissy about the game tbh. I’m in a top 100 house and we all keep our cups 2600+ (unless we are doing a side game challenge)
Bottom line… U will have good days and bad. It happens :laughing: relax. Imo it’s random and sometimes it takes pity on me :laughing: Need some :popcorn: or :beer: ? Find the fun. Good luck.

In my 3+ years of experience I can say that any ability/special attack that involves a % of success/failure 7 times out of ten end up failing in my case, so I really don’t know what to tell you.

And the flag thing is just hilarious honestly :joy::joy::joy:

Just Playing devil’s advocate here, maybe just maybe you need to change your strategy on raids?? Just like it’s not always the board in wars LOL sometimes there’s different moves you should be making instead. I’ve been playing a couple months short of four years and I can tell you there’s good days and bad days but it certainly isn’t worth getting this upset about LOL


If you wanna share some strategies of yours with me, feel free to DM me, dear.
If you can maintain around 2600+ cups then your strategy must work. As long as your strategy won’t involve spending actual money, of course…

You mean… an ability that has a 30% chance of succeeding ends up failing 7 out of 10? Wow. Blatant cheating by the system


All you have to do is follow some of the strategies that have already been laid out… it’s what all of us do, dear and there’s not a way to spend gems to raid unless you’re talking about buying flasks and with your luck I wouldn’t suggest it anyway LOL :beers: by the way snippiness and attitude won’t win you any raids either, just a heads up.
If you want strategies since you like to be on the forum there’s plenty of strategies that have already been discussed take a look you may be pleasantly surprised. good luck and relax a bit. Try eating a snickers :laughing: the commercials swear they help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (if u have a nut allergy please diregard ) here’s some :popcorn: instead :rofl:

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Will have a look around and see what people say about E&P strategies.

Btw be careful, taking about snickers is off topic, we don’t wanna get flagged don’t we… :joy:

U never get flagged if u follow the TOS. I am a known :poop: stirrer but as long as u follow the rules … No flags. Simple nuff deary

Glad u will look for strategic changes u can implement to be more successful. Raiding is quite fun imo.

Solid advice here (short thread too) and same strats we use. :point_up:

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As am I but rules are… let’s just say “flexible”.

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Are they shaken, not stirred?



Are they really unfair? Now that I can see the attack teams, I find it interesting that most people, like me, field a defense that they cannot effectively use for attacking. Instead they use a lower power team. My defense is just 4250 but when I encounter revenge opportunities they can be 500 pts or more higher. My best attack teams top out below 4050 pts and some are as low as 3900 pts. Just a couple of examples off people both raiding up and people raiding down. I have to say I admire people that raid harder targets as they stand to lose only 8 cups or so. I actually lose quite a bit but it’s no biggy. One of the pics is a Raid on me while the other two are revenges from earlier today. I really don’t see an issue and it’s not like I have an awesome roster.

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