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Because I like my Alliance members?

Really all you’ve got is the fallacy of “if you don’t like everything go away”?

Sit down

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No it’s quite predictable from the first board.

Also they do have incentive. It’s called staying employed now that Zynga has the checking account.

That’s too funny, thank you for the good laugh :smiley: I suggest working on your play skills :wink:


Oh wow. You just dropped “git gud” on me. I am rebuked and chastised. What so ever shall I do?

Don’t cut yourself with that edge, little buddy.

Maybe try not to appear rude, offensive and foolish at the same time?

Folks, please stay civil. Tone down the trolling and personal attacks.

Thank you :+1:


Sooo… don’t spend! That’s the simplest thing ever. I spent a total o 0 (zero) € in 18 month, and I’m quite happy with my raiding. The “rigged boards” argument it’s starting to look silly, as nobody will ever be able to convince the other side they’re right. I’ve quit considering this problem long ago. Boards are simply boards, some make you win some make you lose. Get used to it.


Mgla, so they keep their job by rigging the game? Hmm, yeah, that makes…no sense whatsoever. Just another conspiracy theory.


Raids starting to get real old…almost 95 percent determined by initial board layout…so lame that there is no way they can make it more skill based versus luck based.

Most good players win 99% of their raids… If you’re losing a lot while raiding, record some videos and people will be glad to help you out.

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Damn…I knew I wasn’t good, I’m a steady 80-85%, of course I don’t reroll either…


Lol, I definitely reroll… No point in fighting Guin or Ursena outside of AW. Also can’t be bothered to change team around for raids…

My post was definitely not meant for anyone who’s getting 85%+ without rerolling :wink:

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I actually like facing them outside of AW…it a low pressure way of practicing different strategies against them. Its the same reason I don’t always stack strong color against the tank…practice the harder stuff.


Haha…thanks…I have played for almost 3 years…consistently get into the top 100 and made #1 a month or so back…

No, you dont win 99 percent of your raids…complete b.s…sorry, but true…

Not trying to get into an argument. Maybe 95 percent is high, but it is at least 80 percent board dictated win/lose before your first move.

Actually maybe people who cup drop and fight far inferior teams can win 99% of time. But if you are consistently trying to get to the top in the top tier, your not coming close to winning even 90 percent. More like 75 max.

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Nope sorry. I don’t think I’ve lost a single raid in months. I raid with the same rainbow team every time out of laziness. I usually start around 2650 cups and do reroll vs Guin and Ursena (fighting them with rainbow sucks). If you’re getting to #1 I’m assuming you’re either using raid flasks or rerolling to get stronger opponents on purpose… that’s a different story.

If top players weren’t steamrolling raids when there’s no field aid shenanigans, all their best heroes available and rerolls they would stand no chance at ever getting 6 shots in AWs. Raids are simply way too easy compared to AW at this point.

If you’re feeling too dependent on the starting board then are you perhaps running mono?

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My 7500+ raid wins tell me a different story! :smile:

Please not the manipulated board myth again.
This has been proven wrong by the PLAYERS.
Please search for the relevant thread!


Wow… let me tip my hat to you. :+1:
My aproximately 80% win rate pales compared to you.

How is your war performance ?

Well of course I reroll to get players that give me more cups in a win then if I lose. What would be the point of raiding people with less cups? Maybe I could be 90 percent or better if I raided people with less team power but what’s the point…?? The idea is to go to the top. And if you havent lost in months what is your raid streak? In 3 years my raid streak stands at 22 in a row. What are you, like 200…uh huh…

And I never would run mono as that would be ridiculously dumb. I run 3 strong color versus the tank. Only way to get to top. Currently I’m at 96th place. I guess reroll and find me and prove you win every raid.

And while were at it I’m calling b.s. on your standard cup count. 2650 cups puts you in the top 3000 or so players. If you get there you would be raided like crazy and based upon your math, you would lose 99 percent of them so that means you would have had to start above 3000 cups to be raided back to 2650 and thus you would be claiming that you are likely #1 after everytime you are done raiding…again, not possible. And weird that I have never come across you in raids seeing that you are in the level of cups area I raid 15 or so times per day