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I think it all boils down to this - for some this generalisation obviously doesn’t hold.
I just don’t have better explanation, AI obviously plays better than most of people who complain about boards unfair or raids unfair. And I agree with you, AI does really poor choices that I just have to close the phone to not look when farming because I’d start yelling at it ‘why you did this, this doesn’t make sense AT ALL’ :rofl:

Let’s me add this one for those who want to learn Titan Attack Fundamentals - (new player Titan guide)

It’s great for explaining why you want color stacking.

@BR0220 read those last few links, and let us know how much you got better in two weeks.
You don’t need to be taught by holding hands, you can learn here. I think most or players who really know how to play this game, did learn stuff on their own. Because even if some alliance is giving some information, it’s boring to repeat all things all the time, so yeah, you’re better of with searching here.

Oh, and I’ll just link my experience how those few links mentioned worked for me:

It just occurred to me - if AI is playing better than you, then just click autoplay and statistically speaking, your score should get better.


Unfortunately, Raid doesn’t have auto play, just Flee!

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oh, my mistake, thanks, I remembered that titan has it…

ok, then people can do it on their own - look from left to right to match 3 (before click any diamond and any dragon), when you get mana, shoot special from left to right without aiming… this is roughly, it has a bit more detailed search pattern, but not much, it’s usually from top left corner towards the bottom right, and if leftmost opponent is gone, then it will start searching in the column roughly below it


Seems justified…


Thank you @NPNKY for this thoughtful summary of how raiding … need to be approached.


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Trophies are meaningless.

It’s still a slot machine.

All of the jabs and moral grand-standing in the world will not change either of those.

I’d say it’s more like poker…you can’t choose the cards you get, but you can choose how to play them :slightly_smiling_face:


Also, it will prioritize gems and dragons before a match-3.

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I wrote that, maybe not that clearly :rofl:


Aaaah yes. If I may be a grammar pedant Python…

You wrote “…match 3 (before click any diamond and any dragon)”

Perhaps it should be:

“…match 3 (before, click any diamond and any dragon)”

That comma makes all the difference, to me, in putting the instructions in order :joy:

Sorry…off topic…so raids are fun and @NPNKY continues to be wise and amazing :+1:


All if those reasons only work if you get a decent board to work from. I have found on almost every occasion the board is rigged towards the AI winning!


The boards are random. Its been demonstrated over and over on here. Do bad boards happen? Sure they do. So do awesome boards. We just tend to notice and remember the bad more than the good. Its called confirmation bias.

If you don’t believe me, take a screenshot of the starting board for your next 600 raids. Do 100 with a rainbow team and 100 with a double color team in each color. Every raid, not just the bad or the good. For each board, note down the number of tiles of each color and whether it was a rainbow team or a stacked team. Then figure out the averages for number of tiles of each color overall and broken down by stacked colors. You will find (just like everyone else who has already done this) that the average is 7 tiles of each color regardless of whether you stack or not.


It is not that the post is irrelevant to its title, therefore misleading at least, it is that everyone agrees that it is good! Do you even try to think before you write anything? Let me ask you all something… The title is about fairness of raids, right? And you claim that because the attacker has some advantages over the defender (AI) it is fair to fight a team with 300, 500 or 800 more power, right? (not to mention fighting one with 5* heroes vs your 3*). And this happens because you have about the same trophies. Btw, choosing not to fight is NOT an advantage. Anyway, I fight a team 500 stronger than mine and it is fair, so according to you the raid system is fair. What happens when the other guy (or anyone like him) fights my team? Same trophies, 500 stronger and all the afore mentioned advantages… Still fair? But i guess you did NOT think about that (He might also get more trophies LOL!).
Let me ask you something else. Do you think those who complain lack the fighting skills? Let me inform you that only a skilled player find himself in the unfair position of having to fight a much more powerfull team, because he/she was skilled enough to get the same trophies with a weaker team, in the 1st place. But I am sure you didn’t think of that as well.
And a last thing. When discussing about fairness of choice (raid system in this case), it only makes sense when you compare it to another alternative, cause no raids at all is a free choice for anyone to make. It is like arguing whether someone is taller or shorter. From whom? In this case the undeniable fairer alternative is team power. Both players (attacker and avenger) have the same tools to use, equal teams… and may the best player win. But as I wrote before, you did NOT think of the other player(s). Change the title of this thread to “Raiding Guide” or something similar. I guess you CAN do that.
Oh…and a last thing. Team power does not make money, as trophies do. And I would expect a Dev, to come forth and admit it: “It is unfair, but it makes money”. It would save us a lot of annoying posts. Why? Can’t think about that too? Ok, here it is: If I am good, I win trophies, I have to fight stronger opponents, or find less stronger. For the later, I need food which eventually I will need to buy. If I keep winning stronger opponents, I usually win many trophies, which make thing worse. I need to start losing, but then I spend my flags. If I need the rewards, I have to buy energy flasks, or tokens to upgrade my team. The point is, I can’t keep winning without spending. On the other hand, a less skillful, but spending player, has to fight better opponents, but with weaker teams. Those who pay, get rewarded. So that they will pay more.


I will take my team of maxed 3* heroes up against your team of unleveled 5* heroes any day of the week. Team power will be within 50-100 points. I will wipe the floor with you 8 times out of 10. Why? Because hero power is not as important as team synergy. I will choose my heroes to counter yours. I will stack colors. I will ghost tiles. And I will win, even if you spent a fortune to get those unleveled 5*


You must be joking right? 1st of all you haven’t understood anything I wrote. 2nd I must spend about 100k food each time I want to find a team within 50 to 100 points. I get 300 to 700 points opponents with maxed 4s* and 5s*. I only have one 4* at 50lvl. Still this is not the point. The point is that if I manage to win the 300 points stronger team, he/she will wipe the floor with me easily (since you like the expression) and even get more trophies. Fair means equilibrium. I can win 6-7 out of 10 times (I don’t argue with that), but I am beaten 8-9 out of 10, because I have too many trophies for my team’s power, and I am put against teams with similar amount of trophie, not power. Think about that.

That’s how it works. Because of the attacker’s advantages, most players gain trophies when they attack and then lose them on defense. I regularly climb into diamond, generally beating teams 300+ points higher than mine, to open my chest, but more often than not, I drop back to high platinum overnight.

And apparently you don’t understand how the trophies work. If you attack someone with the same trophy count as you, you will win or lose 30 trophies. If they have more trophies than you, you will gain more than 30 for a win or lose less than 30 for a loss. If they have fewer than you, you will gain less than 30 for a win and lose more than 30 for a loss. The system is designed to reward you for aiming higher


It seems like you have the same problem I’ve had for a long time: your offensive raid team(s) seem to be significantly better than your defensive raid team, so you can push your trophy count higher than your defense can maintain. I’ve made my peace with it (plus I have Vivica and Richard in the pipeline to help me with this issue soon). If it bugs you, though, it might be worth focusing on more defensive heroes for a bit.


And how is it apparent that I don’t understand trophies? When did I write or imply anything different? Pls enlighten me.

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The question is not whether I have a problem with that or not. The question is whether it is fair or not, when you have to fight teams of significantly more powerful opponents, which in turn can attack you, in order to advance in the trophy Tier. And the answer is that it is not fair, but it makes money.

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