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Хуже того…Заявленный урон и набор манны не соответствует…

Tank: The one who stay in the middle of a defending team
Buffer: The one who put benefical effects on allies
Dispeller: The one who remove benefical effects on foes

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A tank is a beefy character that can sponge a lot of damage (lots of health and armour) stays front and center. Like Gunnar in your screenie.

The green guy the left-hand corner is a “dispeller”. Specifically, when he hits with his special ability he will purge your heroes of any buffs they have.

And though he isn’t a great example, Friar Tuck’s special also counts as a “buffer” if I recall correctly, since he gives his two neighbours increased mana generation.

I think you should read up people’s advice here, they could help you if you stopped being argumentative.

The way I see it is:
If you were to attack a def team that has the some TP as you, would you likely win? (I know TP is not very good measure of power, but still)
I think the answer to this is a clear yes. I’d say the win rate against samea TP defense is over 80%. I see this as a clear indication that attackers has the advantage.

Now you Usually don’t get to raid against sane TP for this very reason, you win them. That way you get trophies and get matched with stronger opponents. Again, doesn’t this prove that the attacker has the upper hand?

Go check Lesley-Annias E&P dictonary. There all the “Jargon” is explained.


I didn’t prove your point: I explained why you are wrong. (You can tell, from the bit where I said, “This is obviously wrong.”) Of course trophies don’t give you any tactical advantage beyond improved loot chests at higher levels. But they do give you bragging rights - surely the only really worthwhile thing about E&P, which is just a mobile game, after all. (Unless you really love upgrading your forge. :roll_eyes:)

That’s an excellent attitude. But your posts are quite long and apparently grumpy for someone who couldn’t care less.

This is absolutely correct, should be engraved on a plaque and hung on the forum wall. “[A]ngry for losing” accurately describes the impression I took from the tone of your post, but if you are having fun and not too worried about all this then I commend you and offer my best wishes.

And if you want to get better at raiding, take some of the advice offered in this thread, and read the plethora of other threads on this topic setting out exactly how to get good at raids. It’s fun and it’s easy.


The number of trophies that you can obtain are absolutely based on your ability to attack effectively

My defense team

My profile, notice the highest cups of 2406, that’s diamond with a far from optimal 4 star team

You may notice that Alasie is my strongest hero, she is just a bit weaker than Grimm at 3^70 and 666 hero power as seen below

Here is my raid roster -

I consistently hold 2200 cups give or take and scratch diamond daily and the reason I can is I have received a ton of good advice and coaching from @NPNKY. I’m not sure what your reasoning is for attempting to discredit and argue with her but this article is a really good read and definitely helpful to players that have some experience but would like to progress further in raids and not only defeat tougher opponents but ward off more attacks.


As the agressor I am always happy to see a healer tank.

Have you tried Boldtusk, Grimm, Colen, Rigard and Chao ?

Colen is much more impressive if he uses his special compared to Boldtusk.

Nice topic, but what do you mean with “Skewed” niether me or google didn’t know !

@Jedon Skewed is slang for biased or unbalanced

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I have tried several combinations. I tried Skittleskull in place of Little John and would stay around 2k cups. I tried Colen tank and Boldtusk wing but that dropped me below 2k and I tried Rigard but the revenges I get to pick from on my Rigard tank are usually less appealing. With this set up I’m holding cups well and practicing breaking diamond for chests. I’ve tried some screwy teams to drop cups as well but it isn’t fun smashing unsuspecting 3200 players for 50 cup revenges either and I’d rather open diamond chests if I can ever make it there. One bad board and I’m usually out of range for the day, especially when it should be an easy win.


Thanks, I’ll give it a look.

A little off topic, my apologies, however I couldn’t resist sharing that I came up against a raid team consisting of: Kiril, Kasshrek, Vivica, Rigard and Melendor - in that order! First time ever I’ve come across this and it was interesting

What was your team… and did you win??

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Sounds like a loooong fight. :slight_smile:

I hope that after you had charged up all your heroes you were able to take one down.

To be a little more precise.

I love Boldtusk as tank since right now I am playing a forced 2 1 1 1 team with Kiril and Boril stacked.

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It really comes down to how smart you play. It’s all been said. The only thing I can add is don’t start leveling 5* heroes before you even have maxed 4* heroes. It’s better to have 15 maxed 4* heroes, giving you 3 options in every color on offense than it is to have 30 half heartedly leveled 4* and 5*


After I started playing I was wondering why I wasn’t getting anywhere fast…trust me to not have a proper a look at the team I’m up against!

With that said, unfortunately my attack team was (in this order): Peters, Merlin, Justice, Kiril, Azlar.

Needless to say I didn’t win after a very very long battle.

I did learn to, “Stop, look at my attack team, look at their team, re-look at mine AND make changes” :joy:

It was…see message above lol.

I love BoldTusk and Kiril. However, that may change as I now have Rigard and Vivica :wink:

Couldn’t agree more! Get a couple of 5s (if/when you have them) to 3/70

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