Raids are terribly unfair and broken to the point I want to quit

Lol, true but not so much. The more spend, the game tends to dump on you to make you spend more.

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People may think I’m crazy but the cpu is a cheater in raid battles and I’ve complained to the people that made this game numerous times to stop making too many characters that are too powerful and unstoppable. They never fixed the issue and kept denying it.

How does the cpu ch eat?


Cup dropping is your friend

It’s not that the raids are unfair that you plan on quitting, it’s that you don’t have the OP hero that’s unfair that’s beating you. Regular raids aren’t raid tournaments that you have to face the team they offered. You have every right to skip the team, but you choose to face the team and then you get upset when you lose. You already knew you were bound to lose before you went into the match and that results from your leadership in not picking the right team.

Then players say results from a bad board well if it’s a bad board you can always try again it’s not likely that the board keeps giving you three bad boards it’s the result that their team is much better than yours I faced teams stronger than mine. I still won and their team was better than mine, so you have to stop making excuses and reasons that you’re losing, always putting the blame on someone else when the blame is yours.

Players get upset about OP Heroes and fight to get these Heroes nerfed but at no time if they received the same overpowered Heroes do they feed the hero. Instead, you keep the hero; you train the hero and you use the hero and some of you lie that you still request a Nerf. That’s nonsense, that’s crazy.

They will come instances where you and the enemy have the same heroes, the same stats and you lose and now you no longer blame the heroes, you blame the troops. You blame that they have enough ham to level up their troops that you don’t have, which what I’m trying to say is that it’s not the raids or heroes’ faults. It’s your ability to want to blame others for your unsuccessfulness in gameplay.

You’re going to lose that’s the point of the game. You’re going to have bad boards. You’re going to get upset, but stop writing that you’re going to quit. If that’s the case, quit. Why are you telling us what you’re going to do and then you don’t even do it? Quit if anything you’re doing us a service getting out the weak minded so we can play with the real players that enjoy challenging each other. I enjoy facing someone stronger than me because it shows me I have room to improve. You guys want the easy route. You guys just want to win, but before you win, learn how to lose.


The cpu cheats by screwing around with the elemental tiles on purpose to set people up to be completely helpless and screwed with no way to retaliate against an unbeatable team. The A.I has been given the ability to make thoughtless decisions to make players get rigged from winning.
The way the cpu keeps switching the tiles around is not random. Still think I’m crazy? Do some research on You Tube and see it for what it really is. The cpu is cheating with unbeatable characters with infinite revivals, instant kill-shots and faster healing.

It makes sense. You know what’s always bothered me when I play a fighting game and its on easy difficulty and the CPU lets me win. Then when Its on very hard the CPU doesn’t let me win no matter how many times I try the CPU can counter everything I do and beat me I think that’s so unfair. you see how crazy that sounds the AI is only there to substitute in battle for whichever team the player created you’re just upset cuz you can’t beat the team.
you’re making it appear every raid you’ve ever had you’ve lost because the CPU created an unbeatable algorithm.

If that’s the case, the CPU definitely does not like you. Maybe it’s your name. Maybe you did something to the CPU, maybe you said something that the CPU didn’t like, maybe you and the CPU should sit down and have a chat and sort this out.

I enjoy raids and I talk so much to the CPU, but maybe the CPU just looks at me as a friend and we’re just laughing together. You must have definitely done something.

The cpu is cheating by being stronger than you? :thinking:

The cpu can only work with the heroes that your opponent set as their defence. If that opponent has better heroes than you then the cpu has better heroes to use.

And I thought the attacker was the one who switched the tiles?

Research on Youtube :rofl: That can prove the earth is flat – or round – or oblate spheroid – or sitting on the backs of four turtles – or a figment of your imagination – or …


The people who made this game? And now you are here on the forum as well?

Research on YouTube?

I know of two specific YouTube influences who specifically addressed this question, and you know what the answer was?

Do yourself a favor, and stop looking for confirmation of your allegation, rather open your mind to the possibility that it really is random.

Lastly, the cpu is cheating? How precisely?
A Central Processing Unit only processes information.

It is not a person who can lie, or make things up.