Raids are terribly unfair and broken to the point I want to quit

I’ve poured a lot of hours and money into this game and have very good 5* heroes and teams. One big aspect I like are raids. But the way mama is calculated for the opponent is extremely lopsided. It used to just be frustrating — but now, especially with very fast wars and tournaments, it’s maddening.

This is because the opponent will NEVER get a bad board. They gain mana with every hit and also with every turn. You on the other hand need an almost miraculous board during “very fast” raids. On top of that, the opponent still gets the damage bonus. Why is that even still necessary??

It’s my biggest gripe with the game and I always conclude that SG does this just to keep us frustrated instead of engaged. This is NOT how to balance a game and make it enjoyable.

1st priority: Remove the cpu damage bonus. It’s tantamount to cheating (actually, it is) and with all the powerful teams out there it’s completely unnecessary.

2nd priority/idea: Change the way the opponent gains mana. Maybe after your turn, the opponent auto-plays the same board, maybe with better A.I. This would at the very least make it interesting instead of frustratingly bogus and boneheaded RNG.

It’s really making me hate this game.

If you don’t enjoy the game, if you hate the game, if you want to quit. Then quit. That is the best advice I can give you.


We’re cheating even more by having a brain, while the defense doesn’t.

With that said, I hate very fast wars and tourneys as well, because the advantage the aforementioned brain gives us is vastly reduced. Removing the extra damage for those would make sense.

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What should the win rate be of an average player? If a skilled player?

Raid win rates are already pretty high. How high should they go?

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You’re 100% spot on, the PvP in this game has gone to complete garbage since I started playing years ago.

I think the defensive damage buff isn’t that big of a deal. What really broke the PvP game were the ridiculous talents that effectively make heroes’ skills impossible to counter and remove all sense of control away from the player. You play your board perfectly, building up your counters mana 1 tur ln before the enemy can do their skill, but its all for nothing a HUGE percentage of the time.

If the devs are serious about making PVP fun and balanced again, they need to dramatically rebalance talents, specifically mana shield, resist and revive.

I assume they aren’t though, because frustrating PvP probably increases their bottom line by funneling angry players to the real money markets.

Please explain where the “PvP” is in this game? Everything else is PvE, but in wars and raids it is player vs. A.I. No human is actually defending or countering your moves.

As for the passives, blocking etc, all of these have to depend on our abilities vs that of the A.I.

Personally I have beaten, and been beaten by teams that are +700 team power higher than the team I choose to use.

If rhetorical questions that are laser focused on semantics and diction are your preferred method of argumentation, then I see you’re not really interested in a serious discussion. When I say PvP, you know damn well that I mean raids, so drop the act.

That said, of course you’ve beaten some teams. Anybody has and can. The problem is whether wins feel earned and whether losses feel acceptable. Wins do not feel earned when you realistically only get them because the board lined up well enough to make it possible, and losses feel terrible when they happen in spite of perfect play and are completely beyond your control. The talents remove any reason to bother building a team that counters the defense, because 35% of the time it won’t matter what you do or how well you play anyway. You say it depends on our abilities, but it doesn’t. Your ability will have exactly zero impact on the outcome of the battle when it is decided by an RNG that negates everything you tried to do. For example, an insane multiple repeat Revive (which happens comically often because 35% is such a huge number) that ends up leading to another crushing AOE will remove whatever skill and team building strategy you may have had from the equation altogether. Tell me how your skill is able to overcome a double sniper evade that leads to another crushing 2 or 3 charge ninja skill, even though that was the only enemy left and you thought you lined up your killing blows in time? Your skill has exactly zero impact on that equation, and it is very, very likely to happen very, very often because the numbers are so bloated.

And THAT is the exact game design that led to the downfall of another formerly beloved game, Hearthstone. Games should not punish players for playing perfectly and they should not remove their sense of control.

I understand you enjoy the game and that you feel defensive of it when it is criticized. I enjoy the game, too. I’ve played every single day for years. But the truth is that the PVE stuff is the only stuff that still feels satisfying and rewarding. Wars are a necessary evil to help the Alliance out, and raids are a necessary evil to get your chests. I don’t do those to have fun anymore, unfortunately. I do them the same way I do chores.

The devs have let the power creep get out of hand, and the culprit is not the 20% defense buff. It’s the talents, specifically the few very problematic ones I’ve mentioned: Revive, Resist and Evade.

Let’s quit together!

@NicoX I think we are at a disadvantage due to our fallible cerebral cortex…but I totally understood your point.

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