Raids are suddenly impossible to win

Ok. I’m currently lvl 26 with fairly strong 4 star rainbow. Sometime yesterday I went through my entire raid energy with zero wins. Never happens. Ever. So I had some flask stockpiled and tried another. Need up winning one battle aginst a level 15 player with a 3 and 2 star lineup. Went to bed thinking it was a fluke but the same thing happened on break today. I’m loosing to way way less powerful teams for a combination of reasons. One their mana is filling up and a very very rapid rate. Almost every turn. Secondly the boards are horrible. Are they broken. Titan boards have been super bad of late as well. Went from doing 20-40k damage depending in the board to now 10-15 if I’m lucky. That plauge has now migrated to raids. The game seems to be doing this to others as well. Global and alliance chat has shown me several players who have the same issue. E&P plz fix this or give us a way to fix it


You just had bad luck Anthony. Today I broke my all time total Titan damage along with an other member of our alliance, the game works great. Sometimes the wind blows your way and sometimes it doesn’t .

Bad luck… 23 of 24 times in a row. That’s what you are going with?

Uhm… you dont do math so well. Do you, champ. That is statistically highly unlikely.

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@Merwin510 So your alternative theory to bad luck is what, exactly? That the game suddenly broke for exactly one player even though there was no update? Seems pretty harsh that you attacked someone else’s math skills without a more rational explanation to offer.

People win the lottery every week, and that’s WAY more unlikely than getting 23 bad boards. That’s the thing about random systems: even very low probability events really do occur.


Wind definitely wasn’t blowing in my direction. But like all storms it passed. Wished I hadn’t wasted my flask but oh well I guess.

Math. Where did anyone introduce math into this discussion. I don’t see a single ratio or complex equation. Maybe I missed something. Maybe if you wanna insult someone get your facts straight first

Seems to me the vaaaasst number of threads on this topic have locked down the fact this board is not random.

As for who introduced math? Well, SG did. Algorithms drive this platform, which is… wait for it. Maaaaaath.

And the algorithms are getting worse, not better.

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So you were referring to SG when you said “your not so good at math there are ya champ” Because the only person I see in this thread talking about maaaaath is you. If you wanted to use math and algorithm as a basis for why the game is harder at times than others you could have Didit without making your self look like a total tool. But that’s hindsight. Theirs some math in that too but I’ll let you and professor proton figure that one out

There’s been a lot of complaining about the boards sucking across many threads. But Petri has explicitly stated in at least one thread that the boards are purely random. And the one player who actually wrote a computer program to count numbers of tiles of each color in his initial boards (and posted about it) found the distributions were roughly equal between colors across many samples.

Humans are really bad at gut-estimating the distribution of outcomes of random processes, or whether a random processes is fair. If that weren’t so, casinos would all be broke.

So yeah. Math.

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Sorry to hijack your thread with heady stuff, there Cooter. We can go back to remaniscing about the direction the wind is a’ blowin’.

Intial boards have no bearing on total tiles within a given instance, which is the determining factor for these engagements. So, not sure what benefit there is from a program that shows roughly equal distribution of tiles for starting boards. That would be like attempting to assess the actual outcome of all chess games based on only the initial 2 moves.

So… yea. Math.

@Merwin510. On the one hand we have evidence of engine randomness at game start, and an explicit statement that the whole thing is random from SGG staff. On the other hand, we have you waving your hands vigorously and talking about teh mathz. You want to claim it ain’t so? Bring evidence. And by evidence, I mean something beyond naked assertions about “the vaaaaaaaast number of threads…”

Less talk. More data.

His vast number of threads refer to … wait for it, his own, someone who complained of a bug because they didn’t recognize/understand how riposte worked… and this one.

Right, lay off of the tin foil hat, mate. If there’s programming shenangens, it would have been around long before last update. Last month, I found myself stuck in gold for a day. I cursed the game out and slept it off. Climbed back the next day. ■■■■ happens… besides it’s just raid, not like trophies matter all that much.

It’s because you’re raiding with a rainbow team. Your tiles won’t do much damage, you’re only charging one special at a time. Raiding with rainbow teams is just bad.

Oh look another buthurt level 26 who complains about raids

Don’t worry I was the same at that level

How to win raids eZ: develop a 30 man team and colour stack atleast 3 strong colours against the tank

Easy enough

LMAO. Of course this is a lot about math. Random enables a random outcome, which usually falls within brackets of what we expect to see. And sometimes you run into outlier behaviour, also known as streaky behaviour. It’s not very probable to happen, but it -can- happen, and with large number statistics if something -can- happen, it actually -will- happen, but to only a few of us.

So that’s it. Bad luck streak. The probability of it passing over is very, very high. And there’s also this infinite decimal small change it will stick with you your. entire. life. I don’t think it’s possible to post the number of zero’s behind the point to estimate that chance tough. Unless you stop playing today. :wink:

Right. Math. It is involved. But it’s not all. There may be player behaviour as well. Several factors could be involved:

  1. Cups. Higher cups get you tougher targets, so the difficulty of your raids goes with the tides of your number of cups. A strong run of raids tends to be followed by a weaker one.
  2. Target gauging. Some days you are more reckless than others.
  3. Puzzle strategy. Try solving the puzzle rather than firing the special. By solving the puzzle I mean aiming to achieve a “color sorted board”, by moving as much tiles as possible every move, rather than painfully trying to let hero X go off by firing only 3 tiles. This is -the- way out of a bad board.
  4. Achilles heel heroes. Who killed your team? Why? Rather than outright blaming it on the board, look at the opponent and identify the biggest threats. Is your team equipped to handle them or should you avoid them for now, or should you train a new team member to counter a popular defence hero?

As far as titans go, the damage drop could well be explained by moving up a star in titan lvl. In particular the jump from 7-star to 8-star is deadly for 4 star teams. Perhaps that’s a factor in play?

I’m saying there’s a lot you, yourself might be able to do to fix this. Probably not what you want to hear. But if you care to listen, and take your game’s destiny in your own hands, you’ll find some solid footing, instead of frustration and feeling powerless. Good luck!