Raids are Rigged

Please provide statistics, screenshots or video to support your claim



Welcome to the club @Wolf9 :slight_smile: almost all of us who have tried to explain that the raid engine doesn’t cheat have been called delusional or liars from time to time. Claiming that we must work for SG is another popular accusation. It can be really frustrating, but don’t let it get to you.

Sounds like you are doing everything right to improve at the game, and I’m really glad to hear it’s paying off for you! Keep up the good work, and thank you for taking the time to share the insights you’ve gained with other players, and thank you for offering them words of encouragement. That’s the kind of attitude that makes this community a great place to be.


No cheat at all…

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No dude…it cheats period. These teams have 3 guys maxed out 5 star with level 20 attackers and then have a 2600 power score…ive seen who deliver individual shots to when needed hit 3 players to win. Refection is a joke. POS are so busy cheating it takes away the fun of the game. We all want to win…but if im 15-0 in raids but the teams that suck come back and revenge 14-1. What is the point…the computer cheats. Please explain the enemy using its superpower when its only at 25%…looking for another competitive game to play…cant do the cheating.

I have thousands of raids under my belt and I’ve never seen this behavior. None of the many, many recorded raids on YouTube show this behavior.

The internet has a saying for claims like this: pics or it didn’t happen.

You have literally no idea who they are bringing on offense when they revenge you. All you know is who they have set on defense.

But your claims are incredibly contradictory. On the one hand you assert that the game cheats so that the defense wins, and then on the other hand you complain about how often you lose to revenge raids. These two things do not go together.

If the game cheats so much in all the many ways you claim, you should have no difficulty whatsoever producing videos to back up those claims.


Complaining because game cheats because he goes 15-0 (defense lost 15 times) and then revenges are 14-1 (defense loses 14 times). So the defense is 1-29. Obviously it’s cheating. Cheating to lose.

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Hi again,
I do cheat, my SH defense team is as strong as i can make it, raibow, about 3000 tp.
Yes i do anything to win.:smile:
I lie to myself, my attack team, raibow, is actually slightly weaker then my defence, my others heroes make the difference. I mean it is a game and so much depend on me winning. :smile:
I wish that i worked for SG i could up my budget accordingly.:laughing: (to the bank)
Get real it is only a game, a form of entertainment
Try to have fun or try maybe another non cheating, fair, balanced game.
Maybe solitaire!


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And how do you call this?

Did I cheat those 3 victories on revenges?

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Who are you to call other people stupid.
This shows your personality in a very bad light.

The presentation of your Arguments is lacking.
Something is so and so period is not the way that has brought humanity to the place it is now.

You seem to have a problem with understanding sarcasm. That might be because English is not your first language.

If you want to be taken seiously try to use less abusive langiage and support your claims with facts.

Have a nice day. :smile:


Instead of pointlessly flaming anyone who disagrees with you, how about providing some actual evidence? Record the video of a couple raids and post them here for us to see. If there is some funky stuff happening with mana gain of the enemy heroes, then you will most likely be directed to the bug reporting section.

*Please note, I am not posting on one side of the fence or the other, just looking for evidence.




It’s other human beings doing the revenges–namely, the players you have raided. This is a massively multi-player online game. There are no computer-run attacks in raids. The computer only ever runs the defense.

And almost nobody does revenges by using their defensive team on offense. They choose an attacking team from among their available heroes which is best suited to beat your defense.


It makes me inexplicably happy to watch Garanwyn as Bill Murray in Groundhog Day with these threads. Moderator purgatory


Is that not exactly what I said?

Minus the fake programmer teams of course.


Let’s see how this goes:

I’m not a fan of raids as I believe that the system (in most cases) decides before the battle if you going to win or loose.*
*this is my opinion and may be completely wrong so don’t all get triggered and boo me off.
Now…with that off my chest I’ll explain my reasoning. The system is inherently a “2 in 2 out” design, I fully understand that they sort of have to do this to “maintain balance”. Anakin Skywalker was meant to bring balance to the force and we know how that went so I’ll go further in suggesting that by building this balance into the game it kind of sets you up to loose 50% and win 50% IN THE LONG TERM. That’s great but in the short term you get 6 raid flags now and use them as I hand them to you and if your lucky once every 2000 years you’ll come back after 6 glorious raids beating all with a 6/0 streak. And after much rejoicing you gleefully take your next 6 flags and choose to fight first few fights with the cup ratio in your favour as your still hung over. Fast forward to after those first three raids and you’ll notice that at least one of those attacks you dropped a few Dragons maybe a shiny gem or two or three and try as you must that team soaks up a 18+ combo like its a light drizzle in the morning. You loose 45/50 trophies.

Now the point of that tragic reinactment is purely to show others that have experienced this scenario that no your not crazy and yes you were going to loose that battle come hell or high water. Now I can almost bet that the usual rebuttals of this or that will be thrown at me for merely suggesting this as heracy but again it’s something I have definitely come to believe as fact. I play four accounts and can tell you that recently I literally played e & P for 32 hours straight by juggling all four accounts with expert flag usage etc etc. I can do this as I’m recovering from a motorcycle accident and got time on my hands. I’m not throwing this out because I don’t understand the game it’s something I’ve seen in action over and over. I’ve also had my weaker account do a 50/9 revenge and after making exactly 2 matches unleash a death cascade on my opponents that they didn’t even get a shot off. This happened after loosing 5 raids in a row on a rotation and all 6 on my second 6 flags. First fight in set 3 and this happens. That happened purely to help balance my trophy count? Is that the 2 in 2 out balancing act giving me a hail Mary after a bad streak? I’m not accusing anyone of anything and I’m not even upset about this at all I simply want that nagging feeling gone that in some raids you can literally drop two three boards of tiles on a team and no matter what you will loose that fight. I’ll take the two move win and put it to my leet skills :smile:
**this my opinion. Has anyone else noticed this or am I just having a brain burp?

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I have had raids where I literally could not match anything that I had colourwise. I have had raids where I killed the tank in one move with a diamond and then could not hit anything else at all. I have had raids where I have had 5 total of both colours (3-2 stack) scattered as far away from each other as they can get and still won because the replacement gems were all my colours.

Anything and everything is possible and if you play long enough you will see it all happen.


The devs have stated explicitly, in multiple places that the boards are purely random.

So unless you are point-blank claiming that SG is lying, it’s not a matter for opinions:

@SirGorash care to make a side-bet on how many posts this thread continues for?


Please record some of your gameplay. Just about every mobile device has either built in or free recording ability, so we are all genuinely curious to see how this is happening to you. I can tell you that the raiding team is heavily favored if playing correctly against similarly powered or slightly stronger defenses. If you’re experiencing an overall 50% raid winrate over ththe long haul, I sincerely think something is wrong either in your team composition, game play, or the game is actually out to get you. Either way, I’d love to see footage so we can judge for ourselves



It has to be random.

It isn’t possible to generate a guaranteed winning board.

What if I bring 5 Aife against 2 Gravemaker in a 4k+ team and rng says win? And what if I always match colors without heroes or do not fire any special?

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