Raids are not on the same lvl

It’s not one of the posts that i lost and bla bla…i like to take player above me…but players in my rang…not like this…


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Your potential raids are people within 300 trophies of you. This opponent is within that range. Good Luck!

At least you get one with resources, after the update I only get players with 5k food 3k steel, making uslees the second builder of the VIP, am stuck in Stronghold 16

I know that all is in 300 range…much higher player…that’s not fair…thanx for luck…i will need it😀

I am not the resource looking…yes i got also 50k from one raid…find a busty one :wink:

Here’s mine. I took it down cuz resources and I enjoy the extra cups. Also cuz ares tank. So I made for another thread. Sorry Cameron

Nice to see…but im not that high level…must say…i can do about 200 DP over me…others all to much…

I agree it looks but it even hard to do when you as new as I am!

so what. this is how the game works. reroll for another opponent if you don’t like that one.

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