Raids are getting worst

From the time you have created shields that let us be safe ,raids are getting from worse to worse. I know that the developers are dedicating their works to make sure their steal our money.but this is becoming so embarraccing now. I was a dedicated player, I tried to have patience but after playing for more than 6 months and did lots of pulling too i just obtained only 3 stars heroes and their double ,so i have for example 5 belith, 4 bane ecc, ecc ecc…you job is dedicated to make us feel frustrated as you aim to steal money from us, but hey keep the good work and i hope things will get better cause lots of ppl are tired of your gambling. Bye for now and i don t think i will download any other of your games in the future when i ll see your behind a new game.

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You didn’t say why raids are getting worse? They aren’t, actually. The only change is the ability to use raid shields if you so desire.

Agreed. And I for one have not found anyone using a raid shield (I’m not too 100 though so that’s a bad example, but based on the OP, they are not too 100 either).

Before getting a decent match u need to spend lots of meat and always ednded up fighting biggest.teams.

They put shields to think we will be so stupid in spending 1000 gems ahah instead of making matching better they put shields how cheeky from them

  1. You don’t need to buy a raid shield. For most players, it isn’t worth losing out on your raid chest.
  2. The players you are matched against will always be within +/- 300 trophies of you. Team power isn’t a factor in matching. It never has been, and it shouldn’t be.
  3. The attacker has all the advantages in raiding. Are you using them? Are you stacking colors? Are you choosing heroes whose special abilities work well together? Are you choosing heroes whose special abilities can counteract your opponents? Are you choosing a good balance between healers, hitters, and utility characters?

This games is based only to increase your frustration,…same rules apply for decent pull. Is a pay for win game. I m happy i won t support these indecent gambling. Yes i did all u said. So bye

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Enjoy what other game you decide to play.

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I paid 75 gems to continue in the weekly tournament .there as the system that assembles the boards simply Send in four (4) stone matches so that my heroes do not activate,Not to mention that DOMITHIA takes a NEITH special two MALOSI specials, one from Atoms and the other and simply not lose nothing of her PV

Honestly it is ridiculous the way in most tournaments I am eliminated , the function of the game’s nineteen voltors does not improve the same. Kkkkkkkkkk every day are making it more ridiculous