Raids are frustrating


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I’m having my butt kicked by players with less team power than me how is this possible

People get good boards and/or double up on colors to take you down

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How do you know they have less team power than you? by clicking their profile? it only shows their defence team and that doesn’t mean their offence team is the same one, for example, my defence team power is like 1600+ and the team I use to attack has 3400+ power, some players use low power defence team to keep their cups low


Probably it was me :face_with_monocle:

But then some other with less power kick mine, so it’s kinda fair.

When you attack or are attacked?


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Ahh u can see their team power when u attack them and I also look at their defence team that’s how I know


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Duofresh I have heroes and troops I know nothing of offence defence and whatever else you are talking about I have great team power and decent troops I can see their team power when I do raids

Do you get your butt kicked when attacking or when you are attacked, or both?

You can’t know what team someone used to attack you. Might be a stronger team than they use for defence. Many do that to drop their rank so they get easier targets to attack.

If you lose when attacking lower powered teams then you are doing something wrong. Team power is not everything. It is how you build your team and use it.


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How can I be doing something wrong when it’s a puzzle game I’m the one attacking so I get to choose who I attack so it’s either a game of luck or this game is rigged so I won’t be spending money to upgrade heroes to win it should be based on your team power versus their team power and I attack players who have less team power than I do ergo I should win

That’s the worst reasoning ever.
If stronger teams always win no matter what you do, then players has no power at all.
No difference between good or bad, only spenders or not.

Why even challenge a stronger team?
You can’t win.


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Reasoning I wasn’t trying to reason with you I want to know why when I have a stronger team than my opponent I am getting my ■■■ handed to me I don’t want to be told that I might be doing something wrong because that’s bullshit it’s a puzzle game you either have good luck or bad but the odds should still be in your favour not to have a team of 2800 defeat a team if 3118 team power it makes no sense to have no heroes standing and they still have all theirs does that make better sense to you or do I need to make it simpler

After the opponent makes a move all of their heroes get a little bit of mana, this is normal. It helps even the playing field for the AI. Otherwise you could just snipe one side of the map and then move on to the other easy-peasy.

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Are you using your specials?? On the proper way?
Does the enemy have Alberich?
Do you have a hero of each color? maybe you pull tiles from the color you didnt bring heroes…

It’s a guess game… record some raid you do, and we can try to add something useful

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You don’t have a great attack team to be honest. And some of your target choices were very questionable.

Actually there are plenty of thing that you may do wrong even in a puzzle game, some are already be stated in other threads but i can repeat here for you hoping that it may help you.

  • Target 1 hero at time and take him down as soon as you can. Don’t waste tiles on the entire team.
  • If you take down 1 enemy, take advantage of the hole he/she left to fill your special and don’t boost the opponent
  • You can double the opposite color of the tank and focus on a tiles color, so you can get double damage and charge two special instead of one
  • Build as many heroes as you can. More the heroes, more the strategy you can use
  • Choose a team taking in consideration not only power but even skills. For example is really dangerous using a Lianna against riposte. Take a dispeller.

And so on…


How do You know that

My 3400 all 4* team can and has beaten 4000 all 5* teams, and at the same time has lost to 3200 teams. There are a lot of variables at play. What specials does the enemy team have up and what do I, did i start with a crappy board or a good one. You can’t always control all of the variables and so you lose sometimes, even to a weaker team. Your team might be more powerful but maybe they don’t compliment each other, or you don’t have enough firepower to clear their carry or tank.

Not trying to start a fight with the following. If you are losing and aren’t evaluating what you could be doing differently to win or accepting that sometimes the board just doesn’t go your way and just getting angry, then you’re just mad at losing period. That’s understandable but you aren’t going to improve that way.

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Um how do you know that


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Thanks for that mr sunshine

You have zero damage increasing buffs and zero damage increasing debuffs. You have no healer. You’re bringing a slow mana character in Little John. I don’t really like Li Xiu on offense either. Monster on defense though. You never punched a hole and pushed troops past. You always tried to hit enemies with troops. When you could have taken out Li Xiu, you instead hit Gormek who was over half health.

Just a few examples…

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