Raids are dumb

Here is the thing about this game, its admin and developers. I personally can tell everybody that they DO NOT care one bit. I know of a community leader who shall remain nameless, that allowed me some insight and this is it. Every complaint made has a general guide book response, literally nearly 95% of all complaints actually never are looked at. Moreso, they get paid regardless, its a mobile game, many laws do not affect them, so even if game goes offline for a month after spending $300 on gems, there is nothing any one can do. Or as I was once told before being blocked from sending complaints, dont like how we do it make your own game. So raids dumb? yes. Mechanics for rank matchups messed up? of course. tell a 1100 power player why a 3k player can attack them at will. Response? Level up your heroes. 10 draw of legendary heroes guarenteed? nope. did it 3 times and got jack snot…got almost 20 2* heroes. Response to complaint? keep trying.

Your experience with SGG has been very different from mine. While I don’t agree with all of their design choices, I do see staff being responsive to issues. For example, today’s change on raid shields came directly from an idea offered on the beta boards.

Of course SGG has canned responses for most complaints; every company does. They probably get thousands of this request daily: “I accidentally fed my [great hero] to my [crappy] hero. Can I get it back?” And the answer is always the same. Or how about “I bought all five Ascenion Packs and didn’t get any rare items!” Always the same answer.


It is a joke how is it that a level 1780 can be beaten and lose 46 trophies to someone 1446 it makes no sense

They are fixed either that or some people are hacking the game I’m level 1780 how is it possible to be beaten by a level 1446 when his players are 3star level 1 and I’m 3 and 4 stars level 40+ it makes no sence

The 1446 team you’re looking at is their defense team, not the team that they likely attacked with.


Remember that you can only see your attacker’s defense team. Some people set weak defenses but have powerful attack squads to rack up easy wins each day. Sounds like you were the victim of such a person.


Usually when things make no sense you are missing a piece of information. Or its a bug. For example raid matchups are supposed to be with 300+/- cups. So if there was actually a matchup of 1780 v 1446 that should not of happened. But there have been other responses that address how you may of been off on that assertion.

But as far as the way the matchups work in general, I find it to be a pretty good balance. Its a slow grind to build up your cups and one loss and it can feel like you fell off a cliff. Just keep in mind if you win a raid and only get 10 cups or so that is because you have many more cups than you opponent. Each raid match involves 60 +/-1 cups total. If your fighting someone 300 cups higher or lower than you the cup awards will be 60/0 or 0/60 and if you have the same cups its 30/30. This system is what creates the slow climbs and rapid falls. As you climb up the board your rewards get smaller and penalties get stronger. Which many say is unfair. I like this as in a game where I believe there are over a million players is it makes the top of the leader board very fluid. Anyone who puts its a long term effort and has a little luck or spends a little money has a shot to hit the top 100 or even #1 (though that certainly is a difficult task).

A far as losses on the defensive side, there are different strategies to build up a strong defense. Wukong for example is awesome at titans, ok on raid offense but really poor on raid defense. You may be able to just change some defenders around and get better luck there. But the offense will always have the advantage since its controlled by a person (not a near non existent AI that seems random in its moves usually) and can match up teams to a set opponent.

Bottom line is there is no system everyone will love, or no system some will profess to hate lol. As you learn the mechanics better with more experience and get a deeper and more versatile roster you’ll find more success :slight_smile:



I understand what you are saying, but I am a new Player to games of this type. I have a decent team and team score but am tired of finally getting to over 1600 trophies just to be back down to 1300 in an hour due to others raiding my stronghold. There needs to be a better balance. It frustrates me to have someone 300+ team power less than me kill all my heroes before I can generate enough manna to fire off one hero’s specialty.

These raids seem highly unbalanced, with little logic. I am also angry that I have 3 heroes to ascend but cannot get the materials…if this continues, my foray into RPG may be short-lived.

But that is my very complaint! I feel like I’m not allowed to have 1600 trophies because a few hours later I’m knocked back down to 1300. Granted, I am a “newbie” to these types of games, and I like the idea of raiding because I’m competitive; however, the system makes absolutely no sense to me with no logic to the win/loss ratio regarding trophies.

I am regularly being defeated by players with team power 300 less than me. Why can’t I defeat someone only 100 power greater than me?

There is an element of luck in this game and an element of strategy.

You can beat a team with 4000 team power with TP 3300 if you stack heroes of the same colour and the board is perfect.

On the other hand you can have a 4000 team power team and lose to my team of 3.5k TP with Kashhrek as tank because…sorry all your tiles are blue!!!

It’s completely random. I wouldn’t take it as a reflection of skill level.

That said there are better defence strategies than others for protecting cups…but you can’t control everything.

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Akira, if the game is making you angry it may not be the right game for you. Everything in this game goes slow. Its intentionally designed that way. I remember when I got my first 4* ready for final ascension and it was Sonya. I had no idea there were unfarmable ascension materials that were sooooo hard to get. At that point I had 1 warm cape (need 4) and 1 of either the compass or fine gloves and not the other. I click on ascend and I was like what the heck!? How am I supposed to level her up? And what in the heck do I need if I ever get a 5* lol. It took a couple weeks to totally change my mindset and understand it’s just gonna be a slow grind. Now I’ve been playing for over a year and still get excited for every orb or cape or fine gloves I get.

Im not saying its the right way or the wrong way, Im not trying to defend it. Im saying its the EnP way and I have come to appreciate the method to the madness. Its kept me interested in the game all this time.

As far as cups, try to keep 2 points in mind. (1) they really don’t matter. There are different tiers that give you slightly and I mean slightly better rewards when you turn in your raid chest. That’s pretty much it. Its fun to pass thresholds. I remember after my 1st raid my ranking was just over a millionth I think lol. Then set goals to get in top 500k, then 100k. Then 50k and 25k and then 1k. I only recently broke top 1k (topped at 342) and now I want to break 100. But I know that is most likely gonna take one or two more top heros. Top 100 is getting into that top .01% of where I started, and I’m enjoying the ride. (2) If you somehow were not raided or you won where you were offline you’re just starting you next raid chest at a higher cup count meaning you are fighting (and losing more often to) tougher opponents to get your 40 kills.

So I think you just have to decide if a game designed to progress so slow works with your personality. No point in playing IMO if its just going to be frustrating. But as someone who has been on this ride for a while I can say it was totally worth the time invested for me :slight_smile:

Oh also team power is a guide but on its own doesn’t mean a lot. Team construction is very important.



Think of your trophies as a range rather than a number.
The upper number is a reflection of how strong you are when attacking. That’s a combination of hero strength, hero selection, and your skill at raiding.
The lower number is a reflection of how strong you are when defending. That depends much more on hero strength and selection, rather than skill, because the AI is stupid.
Most players can generally win more trophies than their defense can sustain. That’s normal. As your defense team gets stronger, your lower range will gradually increase. As your attacking team gets stronger, you get a deeper bench of heroes to choose from, and you get more skilled at evaluating your opponent and playing the board, your upper range will also increase.


That’s a perfect way to sum it up IMO :slight_smile:


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One thing you can do is learn from the best. Look at the alliance leaderboard. Check out the lower ranking alliance members; those with cups close to the number of your own. See what their teams look like. Study them. Learn from it. They learned from the best, so why shouldn’t you?

Mad Mare (Maddie)
And when I say “the lower ranking members”, that’s because most of us aren’t going to have a gravemaker or athena to pull out of our butts :smiley: The lower members will have team members more like what we can get our hands on. Start small. Work your way up.

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Totally with you on Wu Kong. Every time I get raided and I see they have Wu Kong in their defense – and I don’t care HOW many levels higher they are – I go right after them. Wu Kong falls so fast his monkey paws fly off the screen. He is horrible for defense and most of the time they build their whole team around him. Tsk. Some even have him in tank position for easier pickings, LOL!

One more thing: think before you build your team around Cyprian or Boril. Seriously. MOST of the time they can be circumvented quite easily by going down the sides of the board until mana is built up. By then your wings are fried and your flanks are exposed. Sometimes you get a bad board and have to re-engage. Sometimes you sacrifice a team member to kill Cyprian (muhahahaha), but dems the breaks. Seriously, though, Cyprian/Boril isn’t a great defense if that’s all you’re relying on. You have to have team members that can support them.

And if you look at the alliance leaders (as I posted earlier), you’ll see they don’t use that type of defense.

Mad Mare (Maddie)

I beat teams with higher ranks in cups and heroes than me all the time. I just play who ever comes up on the raid. Sometimes the tiles go your way.

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I always raid up.
I would say 8 out of 10 I win, I love revenge raids lol it’s a case of, yes you took 19 cups from me but now I’ve taken 35 off of you! And there’s nothing you can do about it!
Winning ascension items off of folk though is crazy, raids would go into melt down and since some people will have spent real money buying those items then lose them in a raid! Haha, it would come down to one of two things happening. People might stop spending money on any packs containing ascension items or they quit the game and sg would want neither.


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