Raids are dumb

The raid portion of this game is a joke. I’m certain that I’m not the only one that feels this way.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
I for one disagree with your statement as I find them fun and like to use different teams to try to beat people. I use raids as a training exercise


What is your idea for making them better?


Personally Im a fan of raids. I would love to see some sort of variety added, maybe it would be possible to have different formations. But all in all I have no real complaints and enjoy filling my raid chest every day :smile:

If you have some other idea I think many of us would love to hear it. Just saying that portion is dumb or a joke not only doesnt offer any way to improve the game but also fails to convey exactly what you don’t like about them. What did the dragon mutter to himself when he say a knight approaching? Mmmmm canned meat…now thats a dumb joke :wink:

I agree they are an epic failure other than filling the chest they are pointless with a poor match system

This post is in the “Ideas” section, not the ”Gripes” section. Please leave actionable feedback or, better yet, idea of how you would adjust aiding to make it more fun.

What are the developers supposed to do with the generic complaint, “I don’t like raids“?


Raids are great but they could be more rewarding (steal loot or ascension items) I know many people would find the idea of item stealing disgusting, but that’s what the word Raid means in the first place.
Say, it’s timed - the faster you kill all enemies the greater the chances are for better loot. And they should be zero if your opponent is weaker than you.

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Can’t agree with this, if Ascension items were easier to come by then maybe, but considering it’s a grind to get them as it is. The idea of having them raided is not ideal. People can sit waiting to ascend heroes for months and you’re presenting the idea to make it worse? I can’t see gamers who don’t then pay to play willing to stay as it would just make it so much harder.


The reverse side is that you CAN in fact obtain needed items by raiding.

RNG is RNG - you’re imagining patterns that aren’t really there.


Still, I noticed that spending money increases board quality temporarily. But I can be imagining things, of course.

I would say you are probably imagining things.

I’ve been successful in raids against 7DD players. The boards are luck of the tiles. The team you pick also plays an important role.

There’s a reason that raiders can only take what’s in the watchtower: it encapsulates raiding into its own optional game mode that you aren’t absolutely required to do (save for the end-of-province outposts). Allowing raiders to take another player’s inventory items suddenly makes raiding mandatory since you would need to do it to keep your supplies up or risk losing everything you earn to players that do raid. That poison dart that you may get as a bonus drop from a rare titan? Gone overnight because you got raided by 30 people trying to steal it from you. And sure, you might get a few ascension items a day from the max 24 raids you can do in a day, but again, they’re all gone overnight to the 30 people who raid you. Easy come, easy go…

The only way this could work and not completely break the game is if they allowed the watchtower to generate items at random intervals and only those items would be raidable. Even then I think it would only encourage raid protection mechanisms like cup dropping, raid shields, and staying online all the time to protect valuable items until they can be extracted from the watchtower.

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As i said, stealing would not come granted. Say, you can steal an ascension item with a 0.01% probability. And you don’t know which one you’d get. The weaker your team compared to the defending team the greater the chances, but still no more than 2-3%. And you can’t steal from a weaker player.

So I just put up a single 1* hero as my defence.

I don’t like this idea. As others have stated you spend months getting 4* items to then loose them to other players, no thank you. Some players have paid real money for ascension items and then to have them taken by other players.

If you don’t think raiding is rewarding enough then why not just increase the drop rate in raid chest?

Edit: And you could also do the same on attack, don’t ever play with your strongest team. Just setup a weak team and raid “stronger” teams and just keep going until you get lucky with tiles.

Here is the thing about this game, its admin and developers. I personally can tell everybody that they DO NOT care one bit. I know of a community leader who shall remain nameless, that allowed me some insight and this is it. Every complaint made has a general guide book response, literally nearly 95% of all complaints actually never are looked at. Moreso, they get paid regardless, its a mobile game, many laws do not affect them, so even if game goes offline for a month after spending $300 on gems, there is nothing any one can do. Or as I was once told before being blocked from sending complaints, dont like how we do it make your own game. So raids dumb? yes. Mechanics for rank matchups messed up? of course. tell a 1100 power player why a 3k player can attack them at will. Response? Level up your heroes. 10 draw of legendary heroes guarenteed? nope. did it 3 times and got jack snot…got almost 20 2* heroes. Response to complaint? keep trying.

Your experience with SGG has been very different from mine. While I don’t agree with all of their design choices, I do see staff being responsive to issues. For example, today’s change on raid shields came directly from an idea offered on the beta boards.

Of course SGG has canned responses for most complaints; every company does. They probably get thousands of this request daily: “I accidentally fed my [great hero] to my [crappy] hero. Can I get it back?” And the answer is always the same. Or how about “I bought all five Ascenion Packs and didn’t get any rare items!” Always the same answer.


It is a joke how is it that a level 1780 can be beaten and lose 46 trophies to someone 1446 it makes no sense

They are fixed either that or some people are hacking the game I’m level 1780 how is it possible to be beaten by a level 1446 when his players are 3star level 1 and I’m 3 and 4 stars level 40+ it makes no sence

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