Raids are crap

Its time again to boycott raids. Just pointless to attack when the developers give the advantage to the defenders. I love how they expect one shield match of three hits two three defenders so they get the mana advantage. Also at times they give you one shield on the board to ensure you taking longer to get a match of three. Way out of balance. Just crap.


What is your winning percentage in raids?
In which league do you raid?
How long have you been playing?

Yes raids are much harder and gone are the days where I could raid myself into top 100 with just 6 flags. I have played with doing 4/1 more and found it a lot better then 3/2. Problem is, for war 3/2 is better, so I feel like raiding 4/1 or mono doesn’t really help my play with boards they way I need to be. Yeah, the game is hell of unbalanced, but there isn’t any solution unfortunately, because SG has prioritized introducing new heroes over having a balanced game.

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I am level 68 almost 69 all i mainly do is raid. Been playing for years. I have lost eight straight raids before that won three but before that lost eight. Went from 2600+ trophies to 2300. Losing to teams i get matched with 4600 and 4500 power mine is 4800+. Its just crap with what attackers get with the boards.

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You know that team power is only one of the many factors that decribes a team.

I usually figt with a 4,3-4.4k team against 4.6-4.8k team and my winning percentage is around 60-80% in raids. Not counting the exceptionally good and bad days.

Now to get that you have first to choose carefully the team you want to attack.

Important factors:

Composition of the team.
Example: I always skip Lady of the lake teams except if they are constructed very badly.

Do you have the necessary heros in the right colors to counter your opponents heros.
Example: Healers, cleancers, dispellers, dodgers and so on.

Is there a killer combo in the opposing team you cant counter.
Now you put your team together and hope that you will get an at least mediocre starting board.

Of course luck is a factor to!
The better you get the less of it you will need. :slight_smile:

So raids are not crap they just need some patience, brainpower, experience and luck for you to win.

And yes raids have become more difficult with season 4 heros and limit brakeing but you should feel this mostly in tournaments and wars where you cant choose your opponents.


I see your opinion and simply agree to disagree on it.

Than there are 2 easy solutions.

  • Stop raiding completely if you hate it that much. But than you are loosing especially ham and iron and maybe some loot from the chest.

  • Start heavy cup dropping. You will probably increase your ham and iron income because you should win every match, and down there you also often face teams which aren’t playing hardcore so also more ham and iron in the watchtower. You will maybe get less loot in the chest because of lower raid tier, but than it’s mostly ham and iron anyway in those chests which you compensate with a higher win rate.

Raid chests are honestly not much of an inducement to raid.

Even “I’ll fill raid chests so I get an elemental chest sooner than later, maybe” is not much of an inducement, given how often elemental chests are an exercise in disappointment.

Raids seemingly exist, like so many events framed as competitions, to keep players aware that there are are always players with more/bigger/better/more developed heroes out there, and so why aren’t you spending more money?!

I mean, sure, you can work and spend to get better at raids, but unless winning raids is its own reward for you (or getting more powerful raid combos makes it possible/easier to fill PoV tasks)….eh.


The only reason why i raid is for the challenge of putting together a team that can win. Its not about the loot involved. But i find it very interesting when i go in to raid a team and i get wiped out with out getting as many specials off as the other team but then at time i go right back in and the team i assembled wipes them out. Here recently that has been difficult to get. I am sure it comes down to how the boards are programed to generate shields and the programers im sure can find a system that can balance an attacker having a chance. If the defenders has a healer or resurrector they are guarantee to get it because we are going to hit them. If the board doesn’t allow the attackers healer to get mana like the defender it pointless. Thats what im talking about people its about what the boards allow. They need balanced.

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There are TWO possible reasons to raid:

  1. to get a high score in raiding (usually involving using loads of food on rerolls)
  2. to raid for the purpose of getting loot.

It’s that second one I find rewarding.

I got a damascus blade yesterday.

I get a 4* mat reliably every 2 weeks from raid chests.

This is based on speeding up all of my chestrs so filling 3 chests most days.

Do you do mono or stack heavily?

Try doing rainbow or close to it. That does a nice jobn of balancing the board.

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I… don’t think I’ve gotten a 4* mat from raid chests this year.

What’s your rate of gem spend to keep speeding up raid chests? If you can get mats by speeding things up, it might be viable for some C2P players depending on budget

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I usually spend 1 - 3 gems for speeding up chests. I am ftp.

Yay another thread about how something in the game is crap or unfair. You know what’s unfair? I did 4 pulls during W3K portal and pulled the same Legendary twice!! Zhang whatever his name his.

Not sure what the game is trying to prove buy here you go from 2 minutes ago …

I spend maybe 50 gems each day speeding up chests. Its high because im impatient you can spend maybe 25 to 30 per day speeding it all up whilst not losing any of your flags.

If its 1 to 3 gems away i actually wait it out in order to reset the timer. With a few raid flasks and speeding up you hit a limit after which you cant speed up any more until some time has passed

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I fill 3 chests a day and only spend the 0-3 gems to speed them up…how are you doing 50 gems a day for the same amount?


I guess I’m wondering about filling three chests a day, with or without gemburn, because that’s 120 heroes per day or 24 one-shot victories…

Which is either 100% victory rate, no raid flags unused ever, on non-tournament days, going like 24-5 on tourney days (depending on heroes downed in losses), and/or burning raid flasks a lot.

Is that a lot of rerolling, a defense that drops enough cups, or just always having the right hero mix and not unfriendly boards?

10 days later…

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So my win rate varies.

When I am playing with a fully levelled/emblemed well synergised team I win about 80-90% of my raids. Tournies vary but typically I’d win about 4/5 each day.

I often use raiding to play with new heroes though. I start playing with them when they reach partway through 2nd ascension and I have a few that I continue using at 3/70 when I hit the mat wall. For these “experimentation”/“fun” teams i would say my win rate is closer to around 50%, but in this case I will relatively frequently pay the 100 gems to fill my flags. Sometimes I pay 100 gems to fill a flag just because I am enjoying it so much. That’s the type of sick freak I am. Not immune to the occasional frustration fill either when a team I am sure should be working just keeps losing.

For whatever its worth I never raid just to fill the chest. I won’t go against a team of lower TP (or very rarely, if the team configuration is interesting it might) or teams that I consider easy wins. I raid for the challenge, the fun, the experimentation and the learning. Filling the flags is the happy byproduct although having said that I very rarely raid without an open raid chest.

I don’t cup drop and I never have. I just don’t get it, at all. But I guess that’s because I don’t raid just to fill the chest. And I do reroll often, for 3 reasons. Because I have my “teams of the moment” I want to use them and they work against specific types of defenses. At the moment I am playing around with Noor vs Hulda so rerolling a lot - sadly she is quite a rare sight so far. The second reason is laziness - adjusting my team for each defense requires a lot of effort with only 6 team slots available, of which 1 is titan, 1 is defense, 1 is auto farm. Finally, not rerolling gives me some teams that are super easy to beat and therefore not fun. I have challenged myself to see how well I do without rerolling and my win rate probably hovers at the 80-85% mark