Raids are broken

I’m probably not the first to bring this up but…
Raids are broken. I don’t know how many times I’ve lost to teams with 200-300 team power points less than me. They pop their buffs way too fast. Sometimes they all pop their buffs before I can even get off one.

I am not naive and don’t expect the devs to do anything about it.

I just want to point out that it is very frustrating and ruins an enjoyable gaming experience.


Its all about strategy and tactics and luck to a certain extent. Nothing is broken.

The matches are made +/- 300 trophies (revenges can be even higher), not based on power.

This leads to some interesting matchups, as you can imagine!

If I think I have no chance in Raid, I just spend ham to roll a new opponent. I have been known to reroll 10x in a row, looking for someone less scary. :smile:


to nie jest nowość , myślę że duże znaczenie odgrywają puzzle

sorry amper, you’re speaking gibberish

takie tłumaczenie z polskiego

Until the devs figure out Cups/Trophies are completely useless in the game and fix them the Raid function will never function correctly. Other than player and alliance ranking there is no benefit to increase your trophy count. A all too common strategy is to artificially lower your trophy count to allow for quicker Wanted: Hero Missions progression. If the devs leave a hole open players will definitely exploit it.

I personally think dropping the Raid Wanted Mission and replacing it with a Random drawing for loot after a win when you beat a higher team power than yourself would be appropriate. The draw for opponents could be handicapped completely by the team strength and not by trophy count or player level. They could also have multiple categories like No Healers, All Attackers, Limit of One Tank, etc. I really think there are a lot more opportunities to tune the Raid function but it is probably at the lower end of their list.

Admins- feel free to copy and repost or move these comments as you see fit. I hadn’t planned to make game play suggestions till I was halfway through. Lol.


I understand that the match ups are made after the amount of trophies each opponent has but when the battle begins it’s down to team strength. I’m not fighting their trophies (?).

The only thing that I can base my chances of success is their team power. To me, IMHO what is shown is not a good representation of how powerful the team actually is. Plus the algorithm that gives them their buffs is very generous.

I had 1548 trophies at one point so I’m not a noob. It’s just frustrating to pump 10k+ hams and loose to a team that was less scary.

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whatever Amper. I hope that you are entertaining yourself.

I wouldn’t assume to answer your posts in another language. Rather rude actually.

So what your saying is that I should just grin and bear it because eventually I will lose so many trophies that I’ll be matched with easier teams.

przepraszam za moją krótką odpowiedź, widzę teraz, że byłeś współczujący

That’s exactly what I’m saying. Many of my fellow alliance members field a weak defense team so we don’t have to waste our time with pointless Raiding battles. The trophies are worthless and all we want is the Wanted Mission loot. Until Trophies actually benefit the alliance or the individual it is pointless to acquire them. It has taken some of us months to acquire certain ascension items. The only location to receive a large number of them are Wanted Missions or Rare Quests. Why waste valuable Raid energy on Raids that are not winnable. It’s all about numbers and time. I really don’t care if I am a level 26 and have 100 Trophies. Until the Devs make Trophies worth something I don’t need them.

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I’ve been having issues with the trophies i lost when being raided, I just lost 50 trophies from someone with a Team score 43 below mine, I get that the higher the TS above yours the more trophies you can earn but i searched for a while to see the max trophies i could get and I could only see one 37 trophies worth and their TS was over 220 more than me.

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