Raids are a pain

OK so I like this game and have invested a lot of time in it but am ready to quit because the whole raid system is so wrong on every level that it has become boring. If I’m stuck on story and reached 1500 cups I have to lose at least 400 cups to be able to play at anything again or just repeat boring levels to have anything to do. The raid feature should be the best feature on the game but I can play someone no where near me and within 5 moves know I’m wasting my time. Please please to save the game even up the attacker/defender power up ratio. Why should I lose 50 cups just because I have a bad board you are killing this game for me. Read your reviews. I would spend money on this game but why bother when it’s all down to luck. Proper shame as I really enjoy it but am beginning to not see the point.

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I disagree, PvP should never be ‘the best’ feature of any game which isn’t strictly competition based. It is a great addition, and could use improvement, but there’s a lot more to the game than raids.

And I can’t even try to count the number of times I’ve been down and out just to have one silly cascade completely change the match. 5 turns its too short to throw in the towel - at least at the cups range you’re talking about. I can imagine 5 turns being irreversible on most occasions once you’re at 2700 cup matches.

You just need more practice, and a little patience. You’ll grow if you give it time, not sure anyone else managed to do it without some time at least.

As a new/newer player raids suck. As an experienced player they don’t suck as much. I wouldn’t say they are fun, but they don’t suck.


It sounds like you haven’t read that Raiding in the top 1000 post. It may change the way you look at raiding.

Raiding is fun, I will take your food!

I enjoy raiding a lot. It gets easier and more enjoyable as you get more depth so you can counter any defensive team, and I have about an 85% offensive win rate because I pick my opponents carefully. Still, if you don’t enjoy raiding then you don’t have to raid. Farming, raids, titans, wars, and events are all targeted towards different types of players, and there is no reason to quit the game just because you don’t enjoy one of them if you like the others.

Yeah I’ve had plenty practice and I’m saying most games work out that way. I’ve read all the raid stuff on here and just find the whole feature pointless. You can’t practice a game if luck that’s the point. It just become a boring grind of a game that I keep playing because I’ve invested so much time in it. Let’s agree to disagree I’m i will just pack in and find a better use of my time.

Sounds like a reasonable decision if it frustrates you that much.

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