Raids and scoring- raid enemy mana gains unfair


Manna ratio imbalanced. Takes me double the time for same hero same strength to power up as my opponent. I understand my hits gives them manna, however slow opponent heroes at the back power up much faster than my fast heroes in front even though colour combos are in my favour. I’ve always been pleased with the game, however I had and have better game play with my old 3’s than with my maxed 4’s and even 5’s? Please advise? Kind regards Slo1

There’s a good start.

@zephyr1 may be able to help more


The guide @Rigs shared is excellent, and explains how and why mana generation on defense works differently than on offense.

The reason is rooted in the large number of advantages that the attacker has, so the only thing I’d add is this post that discusses those:

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Mana rates are different for offense and defense. They are perfectly predictable, although not necessarily what you’d like.

Even for new players, i strongly recommend reading this series if you care about winning innraids. Although its focus is on higher end raiding, the concepts are consistent regardless of your team:


If his Hero has troops that are geared toward quicker Manna recovery he will recover quicker than you

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