Raids and rewards

I think it would be an interesting bonus if winner of raids was awarded recruits, troops, and/or heroes. Higher ranks get more recruits and/or higher lvl heroes. Just a thought :wink:

I think it would be interesting if the raids where more equal. You shouldn’t have to pay food to get an opponent you actually have a chance to beat. You shouldn’t lose a raid when you’ve knocked out all but one of your opponents hero’s and that one left only needs one hit to knock them out and you lose 4 hero’s and the raid trying to get that one hit. Happens to me far to often. I’ve gone 33 loses in the last 50 raids because of this. Lost 8 straight. It’s to the point I don’t raid anymore because I’m so disgusted with losing all the time.

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Think too the Mana generation for AI is bogus…
Very RARELY AM I ABLE TO HAVE that kind of Mana generation being an evenly matched player against AI use of other players. Plus getting revenge on a raider does not give you fair reward for revenge. Why bother…

How about fixing revenge to be more fair and if you do revenge and win you get back everything you lost

This raiding business totally sucks bigtime! I fight for almost an hour raiding and then sign off, then Bam!!! Trophies lost and more back to square one. I only made past 1800 twice in the 2 months of trying to only be in the platinum arena for only 15 minutes or as soon as I log off. You guys need to come up with something better than trophies you win to just lose in matter of minutes. Frustration kicks in for alot of players. Make it fair, not frustrating!!!