Raids and Revenge Raids also in war

Why is it that when you raid or try to revenge that the heros under you win when you know they should have died the heros just linger especially the 5*s please fix this because its not a fair fight at all. This also happens in war and it has been since the update that titans and heros you try and fight against you cant and theres not a fair chance

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What heros are beating yours that shouldnt and do you have videos?

Its all the heros that you go against and no i dont have any videos my power is 3800 and i go against ppl under that sometimes and at times i go against ppl a little above and yes i know it doesnt exactly go by power that your going to win. I also realize that your not always going to win however for instant i just went against justice she was on 1% of health and she wouldnt die the other 5*s were doing the same thing yet mine die immediately i have quintus greg boldtusk joon and thorne on my main team . however before the update the raids and teams in war tgey werent as strong as they are now as well as the titan. I and some of my members in our alliance have noticed them becoming strong than at first I dont think its really a fair fight but if nothing can be done about it i understand and will drop the issues and forget about but its not fair to anyone especially if others have the same issues

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I was just askin because i haven’t noticed

Trying to understand this a little more clearly — are you saying when you kill a hero, the hero “ghosts” and doesn’t actually die? Like this:

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