Raids and position of heroes

Hello, i want to ask something… If i want to make a raid in 3 heroes and i put one Hero tank and 2 wing why The game change The position of The 2 wings? It is a strategy to not Take DOT from Gravemaker or Isrod or another Hero who have DOT for 1 or max 3 heroes from my attack team. Thnks

Hmm, I was not aware the game did this. But then, I also can’t envision the heroes needed to face a team with GM or Isrod using only three of them.

Yes, the game put them close.
But you can fill the 2nd and 4th spot with 1.01 1* heroes and enjoy your 3 man challenge after they would die to autoattacks.

Why? You can test your heroes… It’s not a rule to attack with 5 heroes… And that is more for the attacks your players from your alliance… And for another players definetly…

Seems like there is some serious language barrier right here, I did’t say that you can’t attack with less than 5 heroes, just that if you do they will all be close together so what you asked about 3-target heroes’ special won’t work if you bring 3 heroes.

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