Raids and no chance to win

I have a bug or something please check into it. I did 25 raids had 12 special skills crap boards lost 400 trophies. Fully ascended 4* team and oil john kills them in one swipe. Got like 2 special skills in each fight for average. The loot I get from titans is crap. From missions is crap. From chests is crap. Get good boards on titans about half the time. This all started when I complained about the enemy aid helping one guy take out 3 teams. Wow. Sorry if I thought that was B.S. which it is. Please fix the bug. This is really starting to make me not want to play this game anymore. Teammates are getting. Decent loot. Just not me. This last raid crap about put the final nail in the coffin. Not spending another cent on this game until u figure it out. This has made this game not enjoyable anymore. Taking a break from it before I delete it. Please look into this. Something is not right.