Raids and Matching

WE get raided, we lose we get ZERO kills recorded and lose goblets,
WE raid others, we win we get goblets and kills are recorded.

WHY is it that the only time we get kills recorded is when we ATTACK others but NOT when we get attacked and win?

The logic defies everything.

Also the algorithm for matching up in RAIDS is clearly beyond unfair. How does the system match me up in raids against PAY TO WIN players (levels up to 20 30 40 levels higher than me) that have been playing for years? This game is clearly designed to favor PAY TO WIN players ONLY.


Raid matchin is base only on trophies. Everyone you are matched with is within 280 trophies of you at the moment the match is made.
There is some problems with people losing on purpose and thus being on lower trophies then intended, but those you can reroll. However you do have to remember that due to attackers advantage you will rise to face tougher teams, and excess rerolling is not good because that will lift you to too high trophies (which would lead to even more rerolling).

On the nitpicking department, game has only been out for a little over year and a half. No one has played for years.

Thanks for the reply, but perhaps I wasn’t clear in my initial query. Let me try and clarify.

How does the system match me (lv 24, beginner playing for just a few months with 2ct 4 star characters and 3ct 3 star characters) up against a lv 49 player with 5ct 5 star characters?) It’s simply ■■■■■■■■.
Are you saying that the lv 49 player is within the set parameter of 280 trophies of me? LOL!!!

Wha?? and I used to think matchmaking in H3 and H4 was mental.

If that level 49 player is dropping cups, they could easily be within 280 trophies of you at the time of the raid.

Yes. That is exactly what I saying. It is the only way you can be matched.