Raids and how they shouldn't even show numbers


There is something seriously wrong with raiding lower ranking or defensive teams. They always seem to win? Why even show the opponents number if this keeps happening?


Do they really always win? If so, then there might be something wrong with your team. Perhaps your heroes, though powerful, do not work well together? It may be worth experimenting to see if you can do better.

And if all else fails, just attack higher ranked teams instead.


I’m confused why you think that not showing numbers is the right corrective in this situation. Opposing team strength is a moderately useful summary,as is the opponents trophies. I always choose my raids based on the particular heroes and whether I’ve got a setup that will be effective.

Things I do to help my win rate:

  1. Reroll freely. I’m looking for a fight I have decent odds of winning and, ideally, has good loot available. Good loot will more than pay for the reroll costs.
  2. Adjust my team as appropriate. I’m finally getting some depth to allow me to double up on most colors, or make other substitutions to better counter a foe. For example, I like to double up the opposing color to the foe’s point hero. I might swap out Alberich for Caedmon if I want to debuff the other team.