Raids + Alliance wars!

So many of us have now brought it to your attention Small Giant! But still no positive improvements with these Raids and Alliance Wars.

I have gotten to a point at where I don’t bother playing raids as I can’t remember the last raid I played and actually Won! My heroes are not maxed out but yet my opponents heroes are all maxed out resulting in my best defence team being wiped out. And let’s face it no one likes to lose but as I see it it’s apart of game play but to lose 98% of matches played there seems to be no point. No win no gain or progress!!!

These wars I haven’t played to many of them just because of all the holts on maintenance being done!! But those we have been matched with is a war with no revenge for attack as they are not evenly matched at all very much like the raids! A typical war for our Alliance is (1275 to 3255) to the opponent a complete annihilation. I think I can speak on behalf of majority of players as it seems that they are facing the same issues based on general discussion in the app and on your forum.

Just an idea if there are not enough up rising teams with heroes of 4/5* heroes on 3rd or 4th accession and not yet maxed out to go up against similar opponents then maybe consider a met power to compete in these wars where it has even odds!

Hope u take the time to read and share your point of views!?
Peace out guys and gals

About Raids, this may help.

About Wars, you don’t speak for the majority of players, because half of them win wars, half of them lose. Yet another topic complaining about it. Why can’t people just use topics that already exist to do it?

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Always worth asking @rook and @coppersky to consider linking very similar threads

@Sryder I also commend the Ultimate Raid Guide to you.

Remember you can reroll your matches.

There is an absolute ton of advice on raids.

Also bear in mind that your every win is someone’s loss. If we all play 12 flags a day and win 8 each, that’s 16 million losers out there too.


I’m still learning how to use this forum it’s fairly new to me I’m 12 turning 13 so no need for the sarcastic comment. It shouldn’t matter where we put our comments and everyone should feel free to comment or have opinions without backlash of sour attitudes. @Almeida

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Actually, first of all, if you are indeed 12, you shouldn’t be playing until you are 13, that’s part of the ToS.

Second, I’m autistic, so I don’t use sarcasm, I’m sorry if I came across as harsh, that wasn’t my intention.

If you are still learning how to use a forum, I’ll give you a tip that really helped me a lot. There’s a search button here. Before you talk about how hard things are on Raids, and before talking about Wars or anything else, it’s a good practice to search for the terms you need. At least half of this forum’s new topics should actually be comments on topics that already exist.


Part of Forum Rules is not duplicating threads that already exist.

Please read Forum Rules. (Rule 8 might be helpful.) :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Forum!

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