Raids again


I am about to give up on this game and raids their is no way you can climb over 1700s then loose to a team that is a lower than you multiple times in a row and and end up in the 1500s it bs rant over …


Is it your attack?

Can you post your attack team and your opponent’s defense?



I really do not remember what their defense was


Their were multiple different individuals


You can see them through your watch tower.

It seems you use rainbow team to attack and it lack synergy, your damage will increase if Kunchen fire but he is slow.

I recommend you to use 3-2 stack team. Bring 3 colors that is strong against enemy’s tank.

For example, I have attack team with power only 3300, consist of 3 purples (Proteus, Rigard, Sabina) and 2 blues (Grimm and Sonya). 2 healers and a mana controller allow me to control long battle. Grimm and Sonya is a good combo move, Sonya will charge faster but I hold her skill, only firing it after Grimm fire as Grimm’s defense debuff will increase Sonya’s skill damage.

With that team, I can even take 3700 opponent with yellow tank.


Yelnats is right, you need synergy. I also noticed that you only have one hero maxed in this lineup. A maxed hero of a lower level can be more powerful than a higher level hero that is not maxed. Now, emblems add to that power increase. Your heroes are not bad, but kunchen will be a better tank than Sonya when he is more leveled. Keep in mind that RNG plays a big roll in game play. Tiles are unpredictable! Even if your team is more powerful you may lose because of a bad board or awesome team synergy from the opponent.


Back when I was in Platinum I’d get frustrated for the same reason as you. It seemed I’d get so high only to drop like :poop: again.

I joined the forums to see if I could find any guides, etc. The 2 links below helped me tremendously and I highly recommend reading both.

It is alot of reading, however the explanations are very exact and easy to follow.

Hang in there and you will get there. Don’t get me wrong I still get a tad frustrated, however that is down to RNG anf that I can’t win them all.

I found these guides to be very helpful:


@MrsBCW, thanks for posting these. I had skimmed over them quickly back when I started but it was all over my head at that point. Now that I have a clue this will be extremely helpful. :+1:


You’re very welcome!

I hope you keep us updated :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the information greatly appreciate it more frustration than anything lol!!


I am moving this thread to General Discussion as it is not a Bug issue. :slight_smile:

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