Raids after update

Has anyone noticed a difference in their raid defense after recent update? My raid defense used to be pretty balanced win some lose some. Now my defense wins once a day and loses 95% of the time. That’s totally out of whack. Was there a balance to attackers since people were complaining about raids?

Most people were complaining the attacker has the advantage. I don’t think SG would’ve balanced the raids to make them even easier for attackers.

It hasn’t changed, just the top ranks cups dropped non-trivially: so if you are still around the same cup value you’re going to get hit harder than before.

Also, after the deluge of four-star ascension items for purchase over the holidays, many more people have tier 4 5 star heroes. At the start of December I had zero, but now I have Azlar, Sartana, Joon, and Albi…(also 6 scopes but no strong blue to use them on). As the game matures, more and more folks will have a full team of 80s.


Yeah, now you see pretty often full lv80 teams even under 2400 cups.

Soon there will be more 5 star teams then 4.

I’m still holding the fort in the 4* land and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna change anytime soon. Fear not! :grin:

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There’s what like 700k players now? Some very large number.

The players above 2400 are less than 1%.

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