Raids after the updates

Why is it that after every update I raided to hell and back yet any other time I don’t. How is that. I’m also getting beat by teams less superior than my own.

You can only raid or be raided by people on the same version as you.

Lets say it’s 50/50 now between who has updated and who hasn’t, means you’re currently twice as visible to anyone rolling for opponents.

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Just a thought here but before the updates Albie would sometimes get targeted and sometimes not but after it seems he’s getting targeted much more by multiple hero’s on defending team. I had him in the #1 slot but have since moved him to the #2 slot to see if it’s still happening…

Wouldn’t be surprised if that were true. A few updates back, it seemed as if titans went from mindless swinging to targeting wu kong first, then boldtusk before taking out attackers. I want to believe that I imagined it, but a number of alliance mates noticed it at the same time.

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there is probably a rudimentary targeting on the titan to weight it towards hitting low “power” heroes first. Wu and BT are both power 647 at max, which is lower than any 5-star even at 3/70, and lower than many of the max 4*. My guess is that is the reason more than specific hero targeting

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You will probably have to change your placement of your attacking team, I have noticed with this update they tweaked where the ai attacks. :blush: pay attention to the health of where you get hit the most and put your tank there when attacking. Good Luck with your future raiding.

I noticed the same thing.
Some Hero’s are being targeted specifically.
They keep saying things are random, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that it isn’t.

I don’t do raids but after every update I get raided over 20 times yet I don’t get raided any other time.