Raids a set colour tile shortage

Hi before I add photos, I’m jst woundering if any1 else is having a, similar problem thn a alliance member, is always getting in touch with me about, in raids, he’s on more thn 10x got in touch over a shortage of red tiles whn doing raids with mainly red hero’s, in his team, some show 2 or 3 reds on the screen some 5 or 6

On average 43% of your starting boards in a perfectly random system will have fewer than 7 tiles of your strong color. So getting boards with less than 7 tiles of the strong color isn’t surprising.

Bad boards are just a fact of life. This was my 6th flag last war:

But it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with red tiles. My next raid with several red heroes went just fine.


Ya this member has sent me about 3 wks worth of screen shots, and over 20 of them, bt I see no issue, other then he is using 3 or 4 red hero’s every raid, jst about, whn counter colouring would be let’s say, use 2 yellows for the 2 purples

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Sounds like he needs advice more than anything. Puts you in kind of a tough position though, if he’s convinced that the boards are his big problem and not team selection. I hope you manage to find a way to help him so that he doesn’t get angry.

Also, if that’s 20 screenshots over 3 weeks, he must have been really sending a small sample. Most people run at least 12 raid flags a day, so I’d have expected somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 starting boards minimum in that period.

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He’s been one of our top trophies earners, for awhile, and he loses alot of trophies giving his time off for late shifts at work, bt gets them bk quite quickly, been last few wks tht he’s been questioning the reds more and more

Yeah those were some bad boards but i still dont understand why he uses reds against every color tank.
Sorry but you really can’t go for example against Boril with only one green even if its Caed who dispells and 3 reds. Same against Sartana, no yellows.


Is there a reason the same attack team is used for these raids?


Sometimes it certainly feels like game stacks the board with whatever colors you did not brimg. But other times you get a perfect board. That’s just the way rng works.

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Iv told him too change and counter colour bt nope

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He may also just not be registering in his mind the times when he does get red gems, especially if that is one of the times he isn’t using his red stack and not looking for them. We do tend to overemphasize the bad.


I’ve been collecting screen shots of raids, wars, and regular battles, etc where I’m trying to stack one color* and out of 57 of them so far, 56 have had initial opening boards where the stacked color has 5 or fewer tiles on the board. Once I have 100+ logged I’ll post my findings. But I want more data first.

I had planned on making another thread and I’m still not sure the best way to present the data once I have it. Right now it’s just raw screen shots.

*these are not always red stacked teams, just an FYI

It might be that I just have spectacularly crappy luck. It might also mean there is something going on with the algorithm. Time will tell.


You can see the format I used here:

This spreadsheet also has formulas built in for calculating the confidence interval on the result. You’re welcome to copy it and use it for recording your data:

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Excellent thank you very much!! This is fantastic.


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