Raiding with unbiased boards (was “Opportunity”)

I understand the algorithms, finally. They limit the amount of trophies one can attain based on their level. I have also noticed the same during war. I’d like to fight a team that is my level or close to it and actually have a chance vs going up against a team 200+ points and winning bc the predetermined boards allowed it. What is the point of having “team powers” if the algorithms are designed in such a way that promote winning against larger teams during raids, only to be terribly disappointed in war? I’d like to see what my team can do on an even, unbiased board please. I think there would be more money dumped into the game if people knew that their hero’s could actually function as such.

I don’t know exactly what you are trying to say, here, but it seems like it might be rubbish.

The attacker has vast advantages both in raids and in war - the only difference in mechanics is the defence boost, whichever is in use for the war concerned. There’s no need to be disappointed in war.

Boards are random and unbiased. The nature of randomness is such that they will seldom be “even”.


Why this is in BUG&ISSUE section and not in General?
Cause this aint a bug or even a personal issue … its a public general subject ! (Moved)

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Well Jedon, bc I see it as an issue. Thank you for addressing the issue, I’m your mind at least. I hope it gets filed appropriately.

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I thought that was true until I started noticing trends. During raids I noticed that if I faced a team of lower rank, the boards were more scattered. The lower the rank on the opposing team, the fewer combos and the closer a hero is to charging up, the less of that color appears. Also, the time it takes for hero’s reach their full charge is also delayed on a lower ranking team.

In contrast, if you face a higher ranking team, you have a ridiculous amount of combos and your hero’s can charge on 6 or less gems. Try it. Tell me I’m wrong.

I can also tell if I will win a raid or a war battle from the very beginning. If you have two to three moves and your still scurrying across the board, 99% you’re going to lose.

Test it. Next raid look at how many moves it takes you to get 1 combo. If it is more than three, you will lose.


I’ve noticed a similar pattern, as well. It became even more pronounced when I started an alternate account and saw how wildly different my boards were.


The noob account would get consistently better boards vs. the same Titan, with dramatic cascades about 1 in 3 or 4 boards. On the other hand, it’s probably 1 in 10+ for my main account. On my main, my personal best Titan attack came vs. a 7* Titan, with non-maxed (<4 tier) 4* heroes and a 3*. Now those heroes are maxed and all 4* and I have yet to break my personal best vs. lower star titans (i.e. my alliance is on mostly 4* now).

I also seem to have much better “luck” more consistently when raiding 300+ points higher (i.e. 3300 vs 3600). Of course, it’s not a guaranteed win, but there seems to be a consistent pattern.

You’re wrong.

20 wrongs don’t make a right.


Oh, you “noticed” this, did you? Well, fair enough - the genesis of many discoveries is someone noticing something. Human perception being such an incredibly flawed lens, presumably you then developed a simple methodology, logged some data, and tested to see whether what you were noticing was real, or just a fever dream? No? You just decided that what you thought you saw was right? Shocking.

I tried it. You’re wrong.

At most, this might provide some evidence that you have a poorly constructed team that relies on favourable boards to succeed. More likely though, you’re just imagining things and experiencing confirmation bias.

Nonsense. I still lose raids sometimes, but it’s almost exclusively when I’m fiddling around with colour stacking and draw boards heavy in a missing colour. Taking a while to build a combo is no barrier to victory.


Data tracking with a group of players and using videos and screenshots to back up your theory

If not, the forum brobbs will eat you alive lol


If you think you get a better board by having a lower team score, I recommend running a weaker mono-color team. If you are right, you will demolish everyone every time. However, the truth is you will find it is just random.

If anyone pays attention, they will notice streaks. It is the nature of a pseudo random number generator. It can’t really be avoided. Some are better than others, but the PRNG for this game seems to be on par with most. However, they are just streaks. There are no correlations.

I’ve renamed the thread to match the OP.

Not sure about that lol. My attack team (and defense) is absolutly always the same, wich is 3650 powerful, climbed to 2 550 trophies yesterday anyway, with that yes lol… (of course, when I woke up, was back to 2 250 trophies but not the point).

Just my opinion but war is biased to me, because of the defensive bonus. That’s why I don’t play wars anymore. Got mored enough of this bonus who ruin everything.

About the board, there’s only one thing to say : it’s random.

You think that your boards are crap cause you think more to your bad boards than your good ones. Like, if you go with a 3 red / 2 yellow team & get only purple tiles, you’ll remember this fight for 2 months. But if the board is full of red/yellow tiles, you’ll forget it 2 days after. :stuck_out_tongue:

The question of potential bias in raid boards is thoroughly discussed here:

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