Raiding - What is your biggest haul of meat & iron?

I for one have been scouring the forum looking for the best place to farm for meat and iron. Turns out I don’t need to farm… Just win raids!

I’m wondering what is your biggest haul? As I face tougher opponents, I’m finding they are the most generous.
Many, many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:



Raiding is definitely the best source of Iron and Food.

I haven’t paid attention to my biggest hauls, but this is an example from a few days ago of farming Iron by re-rolling for teams with big loot.

I was after Iron at the time.


Wait… what? I Can’t see this much resources from ages!
I need to know your targets cup’s range :stuck_out_tongue:


I vary from around 2450 to 2800 or so, depending on how long I’ve been offline or raiding.


I can’t see that in anyplace I go… It’s that a Jedi trick ?


Revenge raids were generous this morning.
When filling my chest, i won’t attack under 20k ham or iron. Easy way to replenish my stacks



When you see crappy Iron/Food amounts, you say:

This is not the loot I’m looking for. :wave:

And then you press the Reroll button.


Sometimes you have to reroll very often to get more than 30 cups and plenty of iron and food.


I’ve never seen a raid that offered me over 50k ham so that might be the cap. I’ve had several 49k raids tho.
Also I don’t think the amount of ham and iron you get is related to your opponents toughness. I’ve had 4300 teams only give me 13k ham but some 4000 teams give me close to 50k. I sort of remember it had something to do with how often you collect from your watchtower.


If a maxed watchtower was fully stocked up, there will be about 30k iron and 50k ham to gain from the raid.


Ohhhhhh… Yes please! Just need directions :wink:

I just reroll to get a blue tank because I’m too lazy to change my raid team…LOL. Food and iron vary wildly, but I have seen over 40k food before.

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Here’s my personal food record


15h ago, I had 22726 iron and 44333 food. Depends of your opponent’s time zone. If is morning in his zone and he didn’t wake up yet to empty the tower, lucky you :slight_smile:

P.S. That’s why since I play E&P, I didn’t sleep more than 4 hours in a row. I wake up, I empty the tower, I spend the world energy points, go back to sleep :rofl:


This is really interesting. I don’t usually raid for resources, more normally it is for filling the chest. My choice of victims (or people to hand me my donkey) is usually based on tank colour. I like attacking most colours, except purple (looking at you Kunchen). Particular preferences for yellow and red tanks.

I’m not driven by the amount of food and iron, don’t really notice it. I might start noticing it now on


If I remember the old revision notes, a raider can take only 35% of the resources in a tower.

A maxed tower has 184,950 ham and 86,400 iron which means 64.7k ham and 30.2k iron is max haul.

This should never happen! You have to collect your resources whenever you leave the game. The raid can take from the resources you have left, only. Any growth while you are away from the game is not available as loot.


Why are you hiding the names of the players?

I just put Kash as tank. Plenty of people coming for me then I just revenge them.

You can sleep through the night. If you cleared your tower, the resources grown overnight will be there undisturbed when you open the game.

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#forum-rules prohibit naming and shaming, so it’s conventional to remove names of players from screenshots unless it’s explicitly meant for the named player, like in the Fighting familiar names thread.

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