Raiding Team issue - edit team, and then a different team is selected when attacking

Hello all, just an enquiry / question. So I have been raiding a bit currently I’m level 25 but lately… I’ve been noticing I create a raid team or edit ready to attack - I click attack & it’s another team I have.
Has anyone experienced this at all or am I being stupid? Maybe I’m a little tired but I tried 3 times about 5 mins ago and each time it was not the team I wanted - incredible frustrating - sometimes the boards are shocking but having the wrong team & terrible board makes me just want to cry lol.
Thank you.

It defaults to he lost you used unless you swipe over to the one you want. This is AFTER you are done editing

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One possibility is that it might be this sort of odd interface behavior, which has definitely tripped me up too:


I noticed days and times I get raided even when I had not been doing raids, as well as I was raided while playing since when does this happen. The raids are really a waste makes it hard to recruit players and should get trophies for battle wins ore even Titan wins and time played but hitting others only hurts players trying to sleep most of the time or stop you from the magic 2000 sweet rewards. Just hurts newer people trying to not spend money

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