Raiding: Show Opponent While Editing Team


You log on. You have a full set of blue flags! You are ready to raid. You roll your first opponent. BOOOOOM!!! looks like I can battle this opponent. Let me switch out a few of my heros. I need to assemble against their weaknesses.


You pick your favorite go-to hero…opposite of the tank. Choose another similar color to stack. Ohhh wait, let me go back, back again. “SAVE or DISCARD” opps I forgot their team and the skills they have.

How many times do we need to go back and forth? Can we please just keep the enemy team in view, maybe place them where it says BATTLE ITEMS NOT AVAILABLE FOR RAIDS??

Guys please upvote this, and implement this change! I like to play this game with skill… putting in heros who not only counter the enemy element, but their skills as well. Allow us to view the hero cards there, as well as, the first screen.

PROBLEM SOLVED :slight_smile:


Right, and make it for war attack too… Why do I need to get out from the team selection just to see their team again…


This has been a source of annoyance for me since I started playing. A few times instead of color stacking against I accidentally stacked the same color I was trying to stack against (yes alcohol may have been involved) but still!!


Never play E&P under the influence of controlled substances! It’s bad for the wallet!

This is a grand idea! It is a major annoyance during raids and war.


I suggested this a few months ago and it got knocked back.

It is a much needed feature including for AW’s as well.


Yes, please. It feels so backwards to fight a war when I need to use pen and paper to write down the opponents.

I don’t like to do it when I’ve got my team set on reserve either. It takes time to configure them all and I like to use the gear to go through my roster.

More often than not by the time I’ve decided who to use, a team mate has already jumped on it.

It would speed up the process if I could reserve and see the opponent while setting up my team.


I agree. This needs to be implemented on Wars and Raids.

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Great idea!
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This had to be added, im sure SG would add this. For raid and war, also raid tornament ?


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Glad I am not the only one! Thanks guys! Lets get this implemented, vote up!!

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At war we already have this.

But I’d appreciate an enemy bottom line while choosing the own team as well.


That’s what is about to avoid having to constantly leave your editing screen because you forgot what heros the opponents have or their placement or their specials and then you to restart everything.

Having them displayed just above your own editing team would help and save heaps of back and forth.

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