Raiding selections

I would like an option to raid ppl I know in the game for fun, doesn’t even have to count cups… it’s annoying for waste so much food looking for people and the raid keeps popping up the same four people continuously. If I hit reroll why would you keep giving me the same person??? I hit reroll for a reason

It has been requested many times and there is a lot of interest in allowing players to raid others in their own Alliance for no rewards and using no flags. That would be very useful for everyone for testing purposes. I think it’s on the “possibles” list, but I would not expect it anytime soon if the developers even take those seriously.

Items on the Shortlist do indeed get made (Alliance Wars, Anyone?). Have you taken a look lately to see where your desired item falls? As I recall the list was divided into three sections:

  • strong chance to get made soon
  • considering, but not working on yet
  • probably won’t get made

There are notes for every item on the list:

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