Raiding revenge

There is a guy that raided me and I cants take revenge because he is online for about 10 hours. I go online every 15 minutes to check that. Is it possible ???

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Must be compeating in the event. It will end in about 15 hours, you should be getting your chance than.

Maybe he has a raid protection active. Or maybe he is just online. Try again tomorrow


It is possible. I’ve seen opponents like that… finally got them the next day.

The raid protection theory sounds the most convincing to me.

Or they are on the game playing. Even with out events to play I catch myself on the game for several hours. Get off then turn around and be right back on playing. Messing with troops, TC’s seeing what I can do to level heroes. It’s easy to spend a lot of time on the game for me. Been on since about 5 A.M. today farming and such.

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Or they are using a program to keep them online even while they are away. Note this would violate the terms of agreement.

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