Raiding: Opt out of getting matched with members of certain alliances


I would really like to have the ability to opt out of getting matched with members of certain alliances.

Here’s the issue: I’m a member of Seven Days Hunting, which is part of a family of five different alliances under the umbrella of Seven Days — 7D Departed, Reborn, Condemned, Emerging, and Hunting.

Often when I’m raiding I reroll a lot, looking for specific criteria, such as cup win/loss ratio, available ham, team make-up (I’m better at attacking certain team setups than others). I’m usually NOT looking at the names or alliances, since usually that information is not terribly important.

However, what that means is that there have been a few times that I have then accidentally raided someone from one of our sister alliances — today it was someone from Departed. I don’t want to do that. I want to pass on all Seven Days folk.

So, I’d like a fail-safe. I’d like the ability to opt out of getting matched up with certain alliances. Specifically, in my case, any of the 7D alliances.

I’m sure others who have feeder alliances or any sort of family of alliances would like this feature as well.

Thank you!

[7D] Merlin


I will purposefully raid a Shadow Warriors member because it’s funny (I’m the leader of Shadow Watchers). Then I send them the video. Who knows, maybe it’ll help them see weaknesses in their defense? (Or that I just got absurdly lucky)

I don’t see a use for this except being abused to omit certain players or alliances that are too tough… The less strong players I have to play against, the more I can pick on easier players! It’ll save me all that food from rerolling too!

There’s all sorts of reasons people might want to skip particular alliances, but the obvious one of being friendly with a given alliance (for whatever reason) happens with fairly regular frequency.

Future community interaction and growth is possible with such a thing too, hard to say how this idea could change some of the social and raid dynamics but as more players continue to join this would be an interesting and potentially useful option.

if you don’t want to raid seven days then reroll. I’ve seen plenty of videos where they raid each other unless there’s been a new established rule where 7 day members shouldn’t raid each other?

Hey Pops,

As I explained in the OP, I do reroll a lot. Usually I catch it when one of my friends or friendly allies pop up. But not always. Sometimes I’m not paying careful enough attention, and accidentally raid them.

I’d like to avoid that. It’s a personal preference of mine to avoid raiding friends, not a rule. So, I’d like a little help in the game by being able to opt out of raiding certain alliances.

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