Raiding my Dream Team - Red Hood, Hel, Guinevere, Zeline and Alasie, ... what's yours?


You see…

My profile says I have won 2876 raids … I have no idea how many raids I have lost so to determine the rate of my wins. However, for the sake of this discussion, I will assume it is at the rate of 1 : 1 (50%) which means the total raids I have made (including those which I revenged) is equal to 5752 raids. And as far I’m concerned, the win/lose counter for the raids which take place while I’m offline … doesn’t count.

Bottom line, I consider myself to have raided and revenged too many teams,… a lot!

Today, I came across @Vivenna’s team (I hope it’s her), … and oh dear!

I have never before enjoyed playing 3 raid matches this much like the ones I had against her defense team… It is by far one of the most memorable raid experiences I have ever played… though I was defeated in all of them, I can say that I have lost with pride … no censure of whatsoever … and that’s a something rare to happen and therefore it is extremely valuable to me!

Let’s get to the point!

What is it with @Vivenna’s defense team that you find it as something spectacular and extremely valuable?

  • Well, they are all are badass incredibly beautiful protagonist heroes that could pretty much dominate any foe.
  • Two of them are Celestials, one is Queen, one is a Hunter and the last is a Fairy Tail legend!
  • They come with unique and distinctive names for their Special Skills, … which says a lot about what the so and who they are.
  • You don’t get them easily … they are either HoTM or an Event Hero.
  • Three of them (Red Hood, Hel and Zaline) had SGG to release an update about them.
  • It is my DREAM team. I only have Zeline and recently, Redhood

Ok, I’m curious … what else you can say?

1) image, Fables of GRIM forest. Post your screen shots, comments, and advice here

… and don’t forget to say “hi” to her friend … Danny the Fox!

2. image, a Hero of the Month

Unfortunately, not enough has been said about Hel … like as if her 315% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies, or that her target and nearby enemies can’t gain mana for 3 turns or that she deals extra damage against Holy … are not encouraging to pick her up from the damage dealer list of Dark heroes… isn’t it?

… and no one read her name on any official updateAs if this Celestial of Darkness … is Nobody!

3. image, Knights of Avalon Event Summon Results Megathread

“Books” and stories have been written about Guinevere … in almost all known languages!

… and the weeping continues!

4. image, Hero of the Month

Just look at her … her wide eyes!

5. image, Hero of the Month

To conclude,…

What can someone say more about this team?

Or else, …

What’s your Dream Team?

I hope you enjoy the thread


Thank you for the inspiration @Vivenna. I wish you all the luck!


This is awesome. Thank you!

Just wanted to chime in about my quote. Since June I have seen my team grow to the point where I do not struggle nearly as much as I once did.

This should be the same for everyone. Do not get frustrated if you can’t finish an event or beat a certain hero. Set some goals for yourself and improve. That is the best part of the game!

Good luck to all! Go Get em!

Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once
Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once

About this: 1.12 release note had reduced her mana recovery’s speed (and it were needed)

As for my defensive dream team it would be:


@FraVit93, see the section about Hel, please.

And say something unique about her that will resonate in the history of the game for … centuries to come!
As I still value what you said about Misandra … it was true and deep … should be written in gold!



I’ve read the whole post, about Hel… mana is the key: if you control the mana you control the fight.

Impressive damage against Holy wich partially counters Vivica. It’s either bring a hero that would not likely fire, a suboptimal 4* cleanser or going without cleansers: a win/win situation…

Ps. There is also Aeron but it’s not so available.


Wu, Guardian Jackal, Vivica, Joon x2
——->slow —> average —-> fast x2 ——————> very fast


Wolf, Quintus, Sabina, Sartana & Gaffar .
Slow death.

Very fast. <~~~~ fast. <~~~ average <~~ slow <~ very slow

You basically got 2 meat shield slowing you down.


My Dream Team is:

Victor, evelyn, guinevere, zeline, victor


Well, if it is for attacks Id say those as base

Free Spot - Wilbur - Hansel - Gretel - Tarlak

'cause nothing would be better than killing a whole team without letting the tank reaching 100% mana


I was wondering why I was quoted about Alasie. I don’t have her on my roster and all I can see are her designs. That was merely a comment regarding some players complaining about previous Heroines of the Months before her showing too much skin (Natalya, Zeline, and maybe to some degree Delilah (but she was toned down a little from the first two)) and not sure if SGG heard the complaints and decided to provide less revealing outfits for Alasie. For an Ice-themed hero, it’s a stark contrast between her and Isarnia.

To get back to your topic, I don’t raid so there is no dream team for me consider.


Thank you! I’m pretty proud of my Spice Girls team I have going on :smiley:

Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once

The positioning of your heroes, @FraVit93. It looks a bit odd with GM at the rear right and not as a flank.

According to the Hero Reports (LEADERBOARD 100) | Data Extracted:10/13/2018, GM is is used by the Top 100 as a tank if Guinevere is missing, and as a flank if she is in their teams.

What else you see with your team formation that ‘they’ don’t?

Thank you

You seem to like to prolong the agony of your opponents rather than finishing their heroes quick, don’t you?


By putting Hel near Alberich I’m trying to make his side collapse slower (against heavy stacked purples teams) while Zeline would have to fire as quickly as she could to lower their offensive power (tile damage, while Hel wand Guinevere would take care of the mana).

While Gravemaker would quickly fire in a flank position his special isn’t as important as Zeline ones, who ensure a longer lifespan to the team.

He would be good to (still) charge fast and unleash his special on foes to finish them and by putting so many priority target together, unlike it would be a rear Sartana/Hel, there’s a chance to make the attacks riskier than by putting Gravemaker as flank.


Thank you, @FraVit93 … for many things.

… Is to have a strategy, …
And I believe you are a stratigest!

Nice to meet you my … friend.

Your dream team will definitely work … I know because you say so.

And if you want to conquer your foes even faster with all the risks, you may want to check out this rainbow team…

But I believe you know know that, already … even better.