Raiding - Love it or Hate it?

And I pick up extra shifts when I can. I work


Raiding is fun.

  • do revenges
  • fight ultra heavy teams
  • enter the leaderboard
  • fight new heroes
  • drop afterwards
  • fill your chest
  • get loot

Just summoned another 4* troop from a golden token of my raid chest.

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Welcome to the forum @VincentnecniV. Way to come up in here and drop the hammer!!!


And to be fair, here are my stats. I’m surprisingly close to @DoctorStrange (except he needs to go beat Atlantis!!!).


They lose, get upset and blame it on the game being rigged against them.


Many players don’t think about how to manipulate the board to change it in their favour. So when the board starts out bad it doesn’t get better for them.

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The secret is simply not caring about the trophies. easy come, easy go. I’m at the point where i simply start at the bottom of my tower and revenge every single person, until I win or use all 3 of my revenges, though it hasn’t taken more than 2 in awhile.

Honor demands revenging all. anything else is for milk-drinkers (as they say in Skyrim)


This, word for word…

Although, as much as I don’t care for cups, I can’t remember the last time I was out of Diamond.
Lots of my alliance mates hate raiding. I love it and I’m always low on blue flasks.
I revenge all and, when out of revenge targets, go after the whales by rerolling. No fun in fighting weaklings…


Lol didn’t mean to. I just love raiding myself


Cups only matter to the extent that you have 2400+ when you open your chest. Anything more than that is gravy, and if it’s THAT important it’s ego.


On my fifth month. Haven’t even completed normal S2 - instead I just Raid. It’s definitely the best part of the game for me (together with Alliance Wars).


I’ve reached top 50 global by filling a chest and regularly take down 4500-4600 tp teams.

And I still don’t like raiding. It’s boring and often overly subject to RNG influence.

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Lol I swear I’m working on finishing atlantis. I already beat ursena on both levels just need to finish the levels. on level 20 now so should have it complete in a few days.


I have been playing this game for exactly 417 days now. That’s an average of 17.22 raid wins/day. That’s how much I love raiding. It is definitely my favorite part of the game. I have been a dedicated 3-2 user for a long time. :slight_smile:


Just a reminder all, there is another thread for displaying raid victories. See below. The OP was asking why people hated raids.

I’ll keep this thread going so to not disrupt the pace but will likely merge threads on raid victory counts at a later time.

So thoughts on why people hate/love raids here. Showing off raid stats over there. :wink:


I started September 2018, in the beginning I was losing a lot of raids. Smh thinking back to those days.

I didn’t realize how to fire skills, thought the blue bar was another health indicator so I was using tiles only!

I didn’t join an alliance for the first month but once I joined, they helped me with the game.

Getting near 10k wins! BTW, raid streak was after I was set in diamond; too cheap to reroll. If I’m on 35 heroes with one flag left, then I do select an easier revenge but it’s always been hunting the 40-50k ham whales :slight_smile:


Well I think it’s a very important part of the game no matter what level your on it sure has helped me in wars

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It’s a lot of fun for me trying to figure out what I have that can take on the big guns … learning my heros

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Just curious, how many wins would qualify one to join? I understand it’s not a stand alone criteria, but still, how many would be deemed satisfactory?

Perhaps a better title for this thread would be Raiding - Love it or Hate It?

Anytime the question is raised "why does everyone hate… (fill in the blank- Wu, wars, etc), there will always be players wanting to disagree and give their reasons for not hating the component named in the thread.

In this case, on this thread, I can understand how players want to show their stats proving just how much they love/hate raiding.



Well, the other thread was pretty silent lately (pity, it was a good thread), maybe merging some of the posts here would bring new life to it.


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