Raiding - Love it or Hate it?

I like raiding it gives me a chance to gain experience and use that experience in wars . Plus it’s fun for me when I can take on the big guns with a lower level team. Using what heros I’ve got max power of 4100 I made it to 26 in the world the other night corse didn’t stay there long but it was fun … Any one else like raiding ?


Puzzled by the title of your thread?!?

Many people hate raiding? What makes you suggest this :woman_shrugging:?

Apart from being with fantastic alliance mates, raiding is my favourite part of the game.


Some people get too attached to the trophy number. I think that’s why they get upset.

Raiding is one of my favorite things to do.


Raiding is tough when you start out because your hero selection is very limited. Most people key on 5-6 tunes and try to level them completely… so up to level 30 or so it’s your “five best”. As you progress and actually have 10-15 tunes maxed and get pick your attacking team to take on the competition it’ll become really challenging and fun. It’s just jumping that hurtle. My friend one day when you brake top 100 globally you’ll be so amped up it’s awesome


I must admit that I often stated how much I hate raiding. It really was my own fault though. I have two profiles and was too involved in leadership for two years. I simply didn’t have time to do them and found it easier to simply drop my cups for fast, easy raiding.

I’ve now stepped back from leadership to concentrate on my own game play and have stopped cup dropping. I’m now fighting stronger opponents and spending more time developing my skills and gaining valuable knowledge.

I already see a vast improvement in my battles and I’m very surprised to see how much I’ve come to enjoy the challenge. I still don’t care where I am on the leaderboard but I’m trying to stay in diamond.

I’d like to take credit for thinking of this all by myself, but then it wouldn’t be fair to take the credit from my friend and mentor, @ThePirateKing who set me on this new journey.


I think alot of players hate the Raid Arena because RNG can administer a high degree of injustice when the game is intended to be an escape from the injustices of real life. It’s like when someone breaks into your home and violates you or your family, and you want revenge (which would be well within your right) but the system won’t let you have it. Instead, you are delivered into the hands of your captor again and again–being violated again and again. Forgotten by the system.

It has less to do with trophies, and more to do with the psychological aspect related to RNG’s injustices. It’s also especially tasteless when players brag about their raid conquests and failures by players to get revenge by posting screenshots of another player’s failures on game forums essentially shaming those players. The subReddit forum is especially bad about this. It takes away from the sportsmanship of the game.
There are strong dedicated players, who put alot of money into this game, who quit because of RNG injustices. Would hope Small Giant would be mindful of that.


As noted, I hate the amount of influence that RNG has on raiding, making it my least favorite part of the game. Nothing like the game telling me to take my bright shiney 5* team and go take flying…leap.

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I love raiding, because always new atmosphere for new enemy raid. The daily reward make it better for gameplay.

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I do like that it gives me an opportunity to live up to my name


For a long while raiding up in diamond it was pretty well only two tanks you would see a lot of…and a few others here and there. Also the rest of the team compositions weren’t that different at the top end of diamond. It was pretty boring. This has changed with the release of new heroes, so a bit more entertaining again.


When we review potential candidates for alliance, one of the things I look at from the profile is the # of raid wins.

Not definitive but those who have raided a lot generally tend to do better in wars.

Raid wins also indicate how serious or active the candidate is. Again not definitive but those who shun raids are forsaking a key part of the game along with the benefits in resources and heroes chests. They are not as active as what our alliance seeks.


Having been a cup dropper, I can confirm that raid wins are not indicative of a player’s skill level. I won a LOT of raids by virtue of killing weaker targets.

Cup levels perhaps give a better picture but even then when I wanted to change alliances I simply stopped cup dropping until I reached diamond level.

I"m not sure there is any clear indication as to how active a player actually is, except for the honour system of stating it. Even then it could be subjective. A player may think they are being very active by checking into the game once a day (perhaps something they don’t do with other games).

I do agree with your statement that doing raids is vital to a player’s improvement. I never recommended cup dropping to new players, and I mistakenly thought I’d played long enough that I could get away with it. Turns out it’s not how long you’ve been playing, it’s how well you’ve been playing.

Which is why, even though a player’s level gives some indication of how deep their bench may be, it isn’t a good indication of how well they use those heroes.

We’ve accepted players in our alliance who swore they were active and within a couple of weeks we could tell we each had a different definition of what that meant.


This. Even though I know it is sometimes a bad move or two on my part that loses a raid, the whole existence (and lately, regularity) of unfavourable boards makes my blood boil haha. I usually only do raid chests a couple times a week for this reason.

I’m also not competitive by nature; in the MMO I play I don’t PvP at all, except for a large scale mode where I can be a zergling, accruing XP etc for unique game-mode skins hehe.

Stupid thing is, PvP in E&P is of course PvAI haha but I still feel that PvP uncomfortableness. That I’m getting bettered by some young trash-talking punk hahaha even though it was that 5-combo worst-colour cascade that did me in :laughing:

Maybe I need to mute the game music and play relaxation stuff :massage_man:

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This I think is key for intermediate players, like myself. Most times when I feel up to raiding, I re-roll until I get likely wins. But there have been a handful of times I’ve said “screw it!” and taken on a scary looking opponent and managed to beat em (with the victory feeling enhanced if it wasn’t just due to a perfect board too lol!)

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Never even thought of being a cup dropper, to each their own, but raiding has always been my favorite part of the game as soon as I learned the ins and outs. I spend countless hours simply raiding as much as possible against every color tank so that I can keep up with the ever changing meta and know who I need to build and when. Some people only play one way and think that having the best heroes are the only way to when and then blame heroes for their lack of trying to actually learn the game. Raid wins can be deceiving but the total number will be far higher for those who actually put in the time to learn. I have been playing 1 year and 8 months and the are my current stats

I actually wished theh had an actual win loss percentage available as that would give allaince leaders and captains a lot more to work with when bringing in new players. I used to reroll matches back when I started. Now I simply go to my revenge and take on whoever is in there. Once in high diamond you are now dealing with heavily emblemed teams, the practice you get from taking them on is huge for your war teams.


Omg I don’t know how u haven’t turned the sound off yet lol that was the first thing I did after losing my first raid hahahaha

That said raiding is like beer… its an acquired taste. At first you don’t see the hype and rather dislike it… then you start doing it more regularly and think budlight is the best… then after a long time you realize you’ve had it all wrong and its when you really broaden your horizons and get into crafts.

Like others have said as your roster grows so too does your love of the raids. Its invaluable as a teaching tool. Good and bad you have to try it all and learn your tastes. I tell many in my alliance to just fight win or lose just try the match and see how it goes. Im at a point where a team of 4600 gives me the same intimidation as a team of 3000. Just play and remember win or lose its all experience. Cups after a certain point don’t mean much and the loot from diamond is fractionally better then platinum.


I raid a little bit. -Vincent-


15 months


Yeah I dont have that kinda free time lol I work 12 hour days but I do what I can. Impressive numbers im a lot cheaper to play than you for sure lol


I’m a nurse manager and work 4/12s


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