Raiding is not working properly!


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First of all, I’d suggest toning down your complaint as you are bordering on violating the rules:

Secondly, unfortunately it happens. However could you provide a screenshot of your current defence team, etc? This will help us to, hopefully, help you :slightly_smiling_face:.

Here’s something that helped me alot to understand the mechanics of raids, etc.

Hope this helps some.

  1. What you have experienced does not sound particularly unusual, though it’s difficult to tell for certain without more detail. Post some screenshots if you genuinely want help understanding the causes of what happened.

  2. The hysterics don’t help your case.

I mean, get a grip.


So I should calm down when a game mechanism that when I raid someone that has 700 trophies less than me I get +5 trophies but when I got raided by someone with 700 trophies more than I had I went - 41 trophies!?


There are so many things in this game that are not working properly and the DEV’s just don’t care to solve them. So as they already got my money and there are parts of this game that are actually breaking gambling laws in some countries, then I see no reason why not to report the game to the authorities in those countries.


I think the raids should be like they was before u could get ranked in them cause it gave u stuff u actually needed then even if u was a newer player now u dont really get nothing worthwhile


Your story sounds very surprising.

The algorithm won’t match people with foes >300 cups higher. At the matching limit of 300 cups higher than your opponent, you lose 51 cups if they win. At 200 cups higher, you lose 46 cups if they win, and at 100 cups higher, you lose 39 cups if they win.

So if they weren’t revenge raids, you’d have had to be paired with between 12 and 15 people, all at least 100 cups lower than you, and lose all 12-15 fights, in 3 minutes. This is extra surprising, since most fights take a couple of minutes to complete. So they’d have had to somehow pair 12-15 near-simultaneous fights to you, all of at least 100 cups lower strength.

Are you sure you were only offline for 3 minutes?


If you raid someone with 700 trophies fewer than you (you can’t, by the way, revenge aside), then yes, you will only win 5 trophies. This makes sense. If you don’t understand why, read the many explanations available here on the forum.

And you have not the faintest idea how many trophies a person that raided you had, at the time when you were raided. Given that they were awarded 41 trophies for their triumph, that tells us that at the time they had significantly fewer trophies than you. This is all working just fine and it ain’t rocket science.

I am sure the devs are suffering sleepless nights at your hyper qualified assessment that the game is “actually breaking gambling laws”, and at your definitely totally intimidating plan to report the game “to the authorities”.

If you want to have a serious discussion about the things you don’t understand then let’s do it: plenty of people here are happy to help you. But toothless threats make you seem petulant.


I once accidentally set a team of 3* heroes as my defense team. Got royally robbed because of it. It may be a glitch, maybe user error, but hardly gambling. Are you of legal age to gamble in your country? Try money instead of CG trophy icons.