Raiding is a chore, make it fun

Raiding feels like work; I only raid to fill the chest. When I get an elemental chest in place of the hero chest, I rejoice that I am not going to raid that day. Make it more fun and reduce the frustration.

FUN: making combos, using my heros specials, winning.

FRUSTRATING: “ghosting” tiles, heros getting killed before they can attack, losing.

I suggest cutting the rate defenders gain mana and/or reducing or eliminating defender’s non-special attacks to give a signifacant advantage to the attacker. Since the attacker is playing while the defender is off-line, the attacker’s enjoyment should be paramount.

The attacker already has just about EVERY advantage.


It’s not fun to lose, especially in raids…loosing cups… but it’s a part of the game… can’t win them all & it’s good practice to learn more about your team. Don’t let it frustrate you too much, slow & steady wins the race! Good luck & sending poisitive thoughts!


I agree there needs to be a change with raids. I find it difficult to maintain trophy counts when your off line for an hour and have been raided multiple times. They should generate a cooldown system after you are attacked(only defeated).

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How many more advantages do you think the attacker needs?!

This link details all the advantages the attacker already has.


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