Raiding in the Top 1000, Pt. 2

Love it all. Thank you very much. I am runnning out the door to do that stupid “work thing” I do each day. You have given me a lot of food for thought. I’ll get back to this soon.


I gave the write up a once over and I think it’s great. Great perspective and ideas. I’ll have to give a second or third go when I have more time. But I did wanted to make a quick note about Ares. I truly find him to be a clumsy tank, in fact, he’s always given me more trouble as a flank than a tank. How do I deal with him ? First of all, never go in there without someone who will remove their buffs, having said that, I actually just hit him, I hit him hard and as many times as I can back to back. Shoot, I want him to execute his special, what do I care. By the time he’s fully charged I have at least one or two heroes charged my self. If I have two attackers I’ll double up on him and take him out right off the bat. Or, my favorite, charge Wo and Zeline. Fire up Wo then Zeline and let the tiles do all the work.


2* max level is 15 ( <= Barracks level 6 )
3* max level is 20 ( <= Barracks level 6 )
4* max level is 30 ( Barrcks level 6= 12 max level )


I put in a bunch of temp edits based on the fantastic advice Brobb gave me. I started giving my opinions, not my experiences, which I feel is a mistake. The doc takes on totally the wrong tone for what I wanted. My new goal is that each section should be able to stand alone as a separate topic on the forum. The “you need a a lot of maxed heroes” section I would be embarrassed to post. Hense the strike through. I left it there because there is still a lot of good things in it, but my plan is to delete the section and write a new and better section, take the good, and make one that is positive and helpful.

Edit: OK, HTML strike is not working on the full section, but is in preview. Rather than work it out I will edit this thing soon.

This is great once again. @Brobb had a wonderful addition too. I’d give my 2 cents but you guys are covering it all already. :grinning:

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Thanks Gryphonknight. Needed that

The next document is going to be the fun one, Specific strategies and tactics (like dealing with Ares and Guin). It what I originally set out to write, but I realized there was a lot of other stuff I felt needed to be covered first.

My one post has turned into 3-4 LOOONG posts. God what have I done. : )


Looking forward to it…Always curious on other peoples experiences and 2 cents…


As someone who’s looking forward to developing my team over time, I can’t say how grateful I am for your time & trouble in writing all this! I’m definitely learning a lot from you & your respondents, too! :slight_smile:


Just punched in the first revision. I pulled the first two topics. They are useless as written and did not include newer players. The three new topics (one with the same name) I am pretty proud of.

Thank you for all the comments. They are really helping me make this a much better document and teaching me at the same time. I also feel I am getting abetter as a writer.

I have not expanded on actual tactics of hero selection in this doc. Part 3 will be almost 100% specific tactics on raiding. Pt1 and Pt2 are kinda specific to raiding for trophies. Prt3 will apply 100% to AW also.

I think part 4 will be about “after you hit the attack button” and cover gem dropping tactics. I don’t know If I have enough to write on this, but we will find out.

I have touched on defense a little bit, but I am purposefully avoiding the topic for now. I feel it is too much information and I have enough noise in my head on attacking. Defense will be either a separate topic in the forum or possibly part 5 (if I live that long). HA!


Attaaaaaaack! :grin:

Thank you for your very informative piece! Since I prefer attack to defense, I say your post was perfect as is. :wink:


I like how you state “The “puzzle” of E&P was the gem board, but I don’t see it that way now. My favorite “Puzzle” now is selecting my heroes to raid.”

I like it, but I also disagree partially. I’m more and more finding that the most universal strategy is one that makes the tiles do most of the work for you. It works for raiding and for titans. I discovered this strategy by having the sheer luck of the draw that made Wu Kong my first ever 4 star hero, and Grimm my second. I learnt not to completely rely on hardhitter specials early on.

You see where I’m heading right? Get those Wu and Grimm going, and a Boldtusk, and you’re not going to need specials to finish off that opponent. Each tile is going to hit like a truck. Join them up with a Rigard and Caedmon, and you have a 4 star dream team - I’m nearly there, got the heroes, got the ascension mats, just the levelling needs to be done!

This strategy synergizes very well with the kind of troops that introduce a % for critical tile damage. Those kind of troops are actually really important to this strategy.

You can do it all with tiles and then some. And suddenly that puzzle on the gem board becomes very important again. Because how do you get those tiles to do the work for you indeed?


The tile strategy works great on titans. In raiding, it has its limitations. Dropping lots of tiles powers up your foe’s specials, which can turn the tide against you.

In raiding, snipers are a very valuable adjunct to tiles. Blow a hole through the line, which lets you ghost tiles down the hole for double mana, powering up your specials, but leaving the foe on it’s slow-walk mana.


Excellent write up. This information should be read by all players.

I absolutely agree that everyone has their own plans, tactics and beliefs and these may differ, but if you find something that works for your playstyle, then that is the best way you have fun, win or lose (hopefully more winning though).

Also, I think it’s important to remember that different tactics are more or less effective at the different trophy levels and rosters. Strategies necessary for a 2600 team may not be the same as strategies optimal for an 1800 team.

Details: don’t forget about buff reversal. You don’t need Rigard/Viviana to clear all effects. Tibertus just hit you with defense debuff. Kiril can get rid of that too. Horghall just hit you all with an attack debuff? Glad you just charged up Boldtusk, because he will clear that too.


Thank you, food for thought.

I want to add a little clarity on Boldtusk for our other readers. He Heals and Buffs attack, but he does not remove status ailments. His attack buff does help compensate for Horghall’s accuracy reduction, but it does not remove it. Same applies for Kiril’s defense buff. NIce…

You bring up a really good point I had not though about. Using a buff to counter a debuff. I like your term “Buff Reversal”. I feel the need to add this somewhere. probably in Pt 3.

FYI: Boldtusk has my vote for the most useful hero. I consider him for my teams almost every time.

Horghall has attack reduction, not accuracy debuff. So Bold does get rif of it :wink:


Not to pile on, but this is incorrect. The game mechanics have a Defence Modifier and an Attack Modifier. Horghall puts a negative Attack Modifier on foes; Boldtusk puts a positive Attack Modifier on allies. One overwrites the other.

Understanding this mechanism is extremely important to timing specials. If Horghall is about to fire at you, you should hold your Boldtusk/Kiril/Ares (if you can survive the damage) until after Horghall fires, which will wipe away the attack debuff, replacing it with an attack bonus. If you cast first, then Horghall wipes away that bonus with his negative modifier.

Likewise, the negative Defense Modifier from Athena/Grimm/Tibertus/Gormek is overwritten by Vivica/Kiril/Magni. Timing your special to overwrite these specials is critical. Of course, if you can fire Magni and kill the caster first, that’s even better…

In a similar vein, if you see that a debuffer is about to fire, try to wait them out before casting a buffing special. There’s nothing worse than firing Alberich and then having Sabina strip away all the benefit.


Oops, my mistake. Both of you are correct. Another thing I had not thought of. Really good point. Thanks

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This is all excellent. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

It’s long, but well-written and entertaining!

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It’s still useful in 2019 - thanks! It will have increased value with the new Raid Tournament as well.

I’m catching up on both play/heroes and reading the older posts - I’m not even to part 3 - and I’ve already realized from the OP and excellent comments for example that it’s important to play the board tiles as they are, not the ones I hoped for in casting the team of heroes.

Nice work! (Esp @Blaaarggle_Blaa @Brobb @Gryphonknight @Bertus @Kerridoc)


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