Raiding fun - Nature Edition

A little fun raiding with same color stacking. And I really like this Peters fella…


Awesome idea !!! I have that lot too so may well try it !!!

I am running a very similar team set up and it is very volatile… I either win big or completely lose. Somehow I got this board with the team earlier today. So many green shields… what to do?

People made fun of this set up at first, but I was able to easily fill my chests in platinum with un-leveled heroes. Game-play strategy is very different with a single color team.

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I’ve been playing Peters a lot lately, he’s such a great asset. I like holding on to his special up until I need/want to prevent a strong attacker to execute their special. It works like a charm. Often times I’m able to kill them off before they even fire off…You could give these color stacking strategies with all colors if your suite of heroes is ample enough. So much fun… You can move on to the 3 hero challenge, the same thing except with only 3 key heroes of same color. Happy raiding…

Absolutely, completely different thought process. That’s what makes it fun. That’s a great team you got there. And that board, geees, nice problem to have. I love it when a “plan” comes together… :slight_smile:
Check out the rest of my vids (youtube) I’m doing similar vids for every element as I have enough heroes to play around with…Good luck out there…

Merlin is like a Peters that cares. He dumps enemies mana through a silly attack, very useful! Although, Peters usually gives me enough time to off an opponent prior to them using their special. They are fun to use together.

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