Raiding for Diamond League in EP

Yet another raid for a forced entry in diamond league. My defense team can’t yet withstand the terrible force of most players there. Nevertheless, I occasionally enjoy a day or two of hanging with the big guys. As you might notice, Alasie, Grimm and Kiril are my most valuable Ice Heroes when it comes to facing a Fire tank. Be it the alien Ares, the beautiful but deadly Lady of Windemer, the beast that Gravemaker is. Or The Last of the Leors-almighty Azlar. With his ability of evoking a volcanic eruption, incinerates every poor soul that dares challenge his authority.
The Master Brewer blesses them with defence and attack bonus. Always followed by the fearceful Dark Orphan and his Ramming Pulverizer. Only to clear the way for Alasie’s Spirit arrow, which shatters the enemy’s life as if he was never supposed to live. And all this combo is backed by Melendor’s debuff. The old wizard still stands to this day; he is tenuous, yet never backs down from a fight. Always there to aid the wounds of the injured. And he’ll be there until we meet the Emerald queen, to hand in that extra something which makes the team thrive.
Last, but not least, is my Steadfast Judge - the one you have most certainly heard about. The one people often take for granted. He, who sat at the feet of the gods and learned all that there was to learn. Defined by power, he is always there.
Hel has nothing on him. He defies her! Any enemy that dares to throw pitiful spells at him and his comrades, will regret it soon. Once you see the Nethershield of doom, you know - the gods have turned against you. Then, not even the skill you have on board will be of much help. He is there, unbalancing nature in his ways. So beware of the ones to come!

Lovely turn of phrase.

Welcome to the forum, I hope to hear more in the future.

Thank you!
I will sure try to post at least once in a while.

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