Raiding bug!?

My max TP is 3600 and i usually use a 3500 TP team (as my 3600 TP team is with 2 Healers in the same color…) but for raids I keep getting matched against players with 4-4200 TP and have to re-roll 5-10 times for every raid to get someone at least in the ballpark (around 3800 TP) of my own team!?

Don’t bother with the TP so much. Most offense teams are a mix of 4* and 5* and defense is usually as many stars as possible. So dont get discouraged. My offense team is usually 3600-3800 and my defense team is above 4k.

Also, it depends on which trophy level you are fighting at. if you are punching above your weight then you will find yourself disadvantaged most of the time with a limited roster. Try color stacking against the tank and the flank if you have the heroes required.

Play long enough and having sufficient 4*, you will realise TP is irrelevant. I stopped looking at TP a long time ago. I just look at who is the tank and flank and thats it. If I am comfortable with what I see, I just go for it.

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Can’t revenge on ppl who raised me cause they are on iOS. I I can’t revenge back why are they allowed to raid me. Seems very unfair to Me. Please fix!!!

You are matched based on your cups (±300) and it appears you have raided to the point that you are where people that tend to have higher tp are. tp really isn’t that important. You should raid based on the cups you get and the enemy make up. There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to beat teams with 400-500+ more tp than you as you have all the advantages when raiding.

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