Raided x6 by the same player

My teammate was raided x6 by the same person in a 2-3 hr span. They are in lower diamond tier. The person lost 5 times and then won the sixth

My guess would be that they raided your friend the first 3 times (losing each time). Then re-rolled a bunch and found your friend again and had another 3 cracks at him.

Definitely had it out for your friend tho haha


I remember reading that there is a set of player’s you can cycle through on the raids but with the couple hour break in between and especially lower diamond with more players that it would be very unlikely?

Unlikely yes, but possible :slight_smile:

I’ve done it before in Diamond personally… I raided a guy & won, did a couple others, lost one or two then managed to roll the person again (beat them a second time).

Also rolled the same person twice in a row in a tournament which was interesting.

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