Raided while online - unrealistic cup losses

So, I regularly get raided in full force, once my cups go close to 2650, without ever being in the top 100. This always happens when I’m online. Of course I can’t revenge myself as “Your opponent is online”. Wtf? If I can be attacked online, let me counterattack.

Also: if I lose 45-50 cups in each attack then my attackers shouldn’t actually get so many cups from me, as after the third or so attack, I’m at 2500 again and all my attackers have more cups. So they should not be able to win 40+ cups from me. Because when I can strike back, my opponents, that now have more cups than I only give me 19 cups…

This mechanics is flawed to the bone…

If you have 2500 cups and 5 people attack you exactly at the same time for -50 cups, you lose 250 cups.
Think about it. You find an opponent, game says you get +50 cups for victory, you win and get +20 cups because someone else attacked that person at the same time but finished before you. I don’t think it should work this way.


Yes. But why does it give me 19 cups then when I counterattack a player that is now 100 cups over me?

And I have several times experienced not getting the cups that were advertised. See 50 cups when I pick the opponent, get 34 after the raid. It happens.

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