Raided while on line


Good evening this just happen while I was playing

it was at 8:30 west coast time July 13 2017


They keep saying it can’t happen but I have to say I wonder if there is a glitch somehow that allows it.


I’ve read several times that attacks started BEFORE you came online can FINISH while you’re online and make it look like an online attack, when technically it’s not.

One of those imponderables… :wink:


Yes that very well be true in some cases but I was in alliance chat went to edit heros and up pops that screen shot. Ylthings Thar make you go HMMMM


How long had you been online at that point? Hmmm, indeed!


About a half hour or so not any less


Well that’s disappointing! I’d definitely report it to game support (with the detail of how long you’d been online)…


Consider too that you can be online but depending on your connection you can get offline hiccups.

Example: I was having a horrible connection, some of my messages would show up in my chat and then disappear a couple seconds after. The game was having trouble connecting. When it did, with it came a hit. The game was technically open and “online”, but for that time it couldn’t communicate with the server, so technically I was offline.

That’s hard to see because it only goes to the “connecting” screen after it fails to connect for a while.

Another example is when the game was having server issues, me and a bunch of people were talking in chat just fine, even global. But raids were not working at all. You can be connected to the chat and actually use it, but have trouble to connect with the “raid part” and be technically offline.

If it were possible to actually raid some online, there wouldn’t be that “this person is online and can’t be attacked” window and you would have a lot more of that happening. Those are just hiccups and bad connections.


Thank you all I will continue to monitor if it happens again then I will send a bug fix report, not that raiding matters to me much anymore, only raiding now to fill hero chests. Have a great day


Also consider that there are places you can hang out in the game where you won’t receive notices. Alliance chat is one of them. Think of the notification you get when your titan dies. It will only pop up when you are on your base screen, and the world map screen. (I don’t think it will show when you are on a map for a specific province…)


Somewhat similar.

I logged in and fiddled around doing various things in game and then the raid notification popped up: first thought, what the duck; second thought, oh it’s dated from 7 minutes ago from before I had logged in.

Some delay in the system apparently too.


I have had this happen as well. Log in, comment in the alliance chat, come out and find a notice waiting for me. But like you, it was timed as 10 minutes before and I had only been on for about 5.