Raided while actively playing game bug



Hey I was just farming season 1 and hitting a few raids to boost my cups when an icon popped up…you were raided and lost…I revenged and won but…How can you be raided while actively playing?


If you’re in the top 100 you can be raided anytime. If they start a raid before you get on, but then you get on the raid continues and it’ll show the notification once the raid is done.


I had the same issue yesterday and I’m deep in gold teer, nowhere near the top100.


Same here I was on game farming season 1 for crafting item’s for an hour when the raid occurred switched back to stronghold when ’ you were raided you lost icon popped…no way near top 1000 let alone top 100 either way I smoked him back


I have allready been attacked when i was on and far away from reaching top 100 but didnt mind because the revenge made twice the cups


I really didn’t mind because I also paid them back it’s that I have never been able to raid an actively on game player


Sometimes a raid was on-going when you were logged on, so you’ll see the message about the outcome pop up after you’ve logged on.