Raided twice while online

How am I getting raided while online?! I was on for 2 hours without logging off but still got raided.

An alliance member has had it happen as well and had this to say about it:

" I’m guessing that farming occurs completely on your phone and therefore you’re not checking in with the servers and the game thinks you’re not connected"

I’m playing on a tablet, but have no idea if his theory has any bearing in some way.

Possible situation: if you are in the top 100 Global Leaderboard , it is possible for others to revenge you while online.

Lol, not even close, but thanks for the info! It also wasn’t a revenge, but an initial raid.

If I switch to another game, my green dot is still on my Alliance, but I can be Raided. I assume the heartbeat signal from the client goes out pretty often.

I didn’t switch to anything though. I’ve seen what you’re saying in war a lot. I’ll be looking at an opponent, decide not to hit, but it will sometimes still show that it’s still reserved by me, even if I’m back on the home screen. Others can’t hit it until that clears, (which can be for a while) but I’m not the only one that happens to.

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